2016 June

Venezuelans Ransack Stores as Hunger Grips the Nation –

This is why politicians do crazy things…to avoid just this kind of scenario.

Human behavior is civil up to a point where your belly says it’s no longer politically correct.

There is one catch.

Since the USA has becoming a harbinger of the ach motive…you can exponentially increase the type of civil unrest that has the potential to occur.

I can show you steps from my condo in Manila where people are literally starving yet because ach is low, civil unrest amounts to stay clear of the vagrancy patrols.

I keep asking myself…why do these people put up with starving and dying.

Today one of the mypals text me a little 7 year old brother was in a convulsion for the past 18 hrs and nothing could be done until the 1340 pesos ($25) could be paid, even though the child has PHIL HEALTH COVERAGE (which I paid for the family)…

1,340 That’s All Without Treatment Cos This Boy Was Covered Of Aileen Phill Health.

Why is there no outrage, no media snarl or ALCU something?

I paid the $25.

Yet, when civility starts to break down in the west, I think u will see outrage and it may take forms that none of us may welcome.

Probably because this is my largest fear (which does no good to sweat), I think about things differently.

It’s clear BREXIT “is” being manipulated in favor of NEXIT, but if this goes the wrong way…the “archduke” will be be but a small ripple compared to what’s next.


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That Mike, thinking we can read his “mind”. “achievement” seems to fit for “ach”.

The sad thing is that Mike may just be right about what could/would/will happen in the west when the SHTF, because we have seen/lived in a more advanced environment and would not know how to deal with life if that changed. The people in the Philippines haven’t, to a great extent, experienced “the easy life” which may explain why they do not rebel as much.

Just think of what your life would be like if you lost your electricity for 3 weeks or more. What would you do for food, comfort [if in the north and winter or in the south in summer], or communication.

Gary Gile

Yes, I can imagine a bit – as I sit outside near the modem and hope the power stays on in this storm in a jungle in Central America:) – I’ve wondered how people in the States would do with power – and in my opinion – much worse, water outages. Having lived in a second world country and spent a lot of time in rural Ethiopia, I’ve felt the people that live nearer to the edge could adapt much better in crisis than we could, in part because they understand community in a different way, and also because they expect less.

I just messaged my friend who has family on Venezuela. She said she is begging them to get out, to escape to Colombia, she fears they will be killed (I’m assuming they are middle to upper class). She says they can’t talk about their situation from there, or they will lose phone and internet.

Heidi Mehltretter

This is one thing I like so much about this group, we have people in it from different regions of the world with different backgrounds and different experiences to share with each other. Mike’s perspectives having lived in the Philippines for a number of years has helped me better understand [sort of] other people life experiences. Mark with his travels and work in other environments has given me other perspectives. Mo, when he was part of the group added his perspectives. And of course there is Eric, who doesn’t often contribute and when he does, his insights are powerful. I could go on by mentioning something about the rest of the contributors and you get the idea. I just hope that those of you who are in the background are benefiting from the groups knowledge and experiences.

Gary Gile

In the Philippines, the poor don’t their real name online or has an alias, especially the poor, it’s only as “trust” evolves that one can use their real identity.


Thanks for sharing.

In the coming times, wealth will not matter after the windows of opportunity, close.

There is a speech from the President in the final day in the movie 2012, where he remarks, “…there are no strangers tonight.”


Mclelland named 3 social motives and vetted a fourth:

Ach = achievement
Aff = affiliation
Pwr = power

And a fourth, never named called “avoidance.”

They incidentally correlate to the Gravesian findings and Map well to:


McClelland’s book HUMAN MOTIVATION and The ACHIEVING SOCIETY (1961) discuss these, FYI.


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