2015 July

U.S. Postgraduates Have Edge in Lifelong Learning

If u don’t know anything about hard wired motives, it would be easy to assume that nurture is what causes people’s learning.

Whereas people who kept learning and acquired post graduate degrees were and are hard wired to learn for some reason, and in some the desire to learn never ends.

Policies that emerge from each line of thinking would have different results, and risks/rewards.


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I believe it was in 7th or 8th grade general science that we were taught that correlation does not mean correlation, but the logic of this article is what dominates popular social science writing. “People who did more X have more Y, so X causes Y.” It’s so rare as to be refreshing to see an article that examines how much Y those people had before they started doing X.

This is another example of what Kuhn called “picking the stick up from the other end”. Did the degree program give the desire to learn or did the desire to learn lead to the degree program?

This was a good example, thanks for sharing it. We need to make a TPOV from this mypal;)

[Using what’s here in this email Gladies, construct a TPOV.]


Is there a book or one or two resources that clearly explain the concept of being hard wired
along with the rationale?


U can start with Carl Jung and read the references included in body of article I sent as a reference.

Almost all Gallup work identifies these talents and if u want the full Monty, grab Pinkers THE BLANK SLATE;)


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