2016 November

U.S. Economic Confidence Surges After Election

Confidence is the main thing because it causes us to behave in “anticipation” (not reality) of future events.

When I suggested that Obama s presidency would be good because he would cheerlead us through difficult times, it turns out, I was partially right, but the problem with cheering on a team that’s losing is that you still lose (metaphorically allow my liberal interpretation).

I wrote about “optimism” early after the election as others describe all other than emotions…and the fact that what buoyed Obama behind the scenes was the energy miracle in the US which has waned as of late.

Another miracle is also happening and it has to do with this simple idea that TRUMP rode to the whitehouse (he hasn’t been assassinated yet) and it’s also an “ego complex” associated with confidence and greatness, much like the ego complex that is employed by blank slate to drive consumption!

These work and while at least 1/2 are resisting, there is a “majority” that is hoping under their breath and behind closed doors that this “maniac” can pull it off–a miracle in the making–and it’s nothing more than confidence–a “can do” vs “don’t do” PC orientation.

A major cultural shift or let’s say realignment where ER-ORANGE is disdained by the vocal electorate in their faux-Green mode of PC–full rejection of outright materialism is held in effigy–density and frequency in a “business” (not Corporate) engine fits with the entrepreneurial shadow of the current USA and emerging markets mindset.

The issue still remains rooted in DQ-BLUE whose light density around the world will offer opportunism a grand stage in all its social forms.

Optimism is a strange bedfellow and while the Dog TRUMP painted the picture of glass half full, optimism is the “gurl that brung him.”

Confidence is burgeoning everywhere because of the energy of eight (enneagram) and while the left will be drug along kicking and screaming, the “miracle” is again at our doorstep to fend off the long cycle reset, 2018 is going to be a tipping point.



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