2020 July

This was banned by YouTube – so much for “Free Speech”

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

Youtube Is Engaged in Sedition to Overthrow the Government Removing Frontline Doctors Video


Mike’s response:

At some point someone is going to realize that the assault on free speech is a non-sequitur…

It is the foundation of the cancel culture operating at FS-GREEN, if you’re not with us…ur agin us…

So if they can’t shame you, destroy you personally and professionally, they cancel you..

And if that’s not enough they make up clever rules to censor you…

Remember these are the same people who as a benefit of D&F @ DQ-BLUE and ER-ORANGE have “personally benefited from the system matrix that they now want to censor!

Some may say…

Why do you blame and point fingers at FS-GREEN?

Because a moniker of them system as it is nodal is to use values rationale versus logic to makes sense.

What’s happening is of course completely illogical but it’s growing much more widespread initiated through the use of values conflict which is always won through logical consequences…

However, these folks are able to use illogical reasoning as logical, which makes no sense!

Gates is going to vaccinate you whether it kills you or not…

He’s been captured on video saying that There will be up to 10% bad outcomes and that liability and immunity will be required!

He’s not vaccinating me;)

This kind of crap is all over our system now as those of us live and let live…have let live too long and the confrontation is here that I have said was my only fear—welcome to the next war.