2017 January

Thinking about network effects

Can’t remember how long ago it was that I read his book, but it shifted fundamental things about how I thought about things. I ran across this fairly short paper on scale free networks and power law distribution, thought you may want to use as reference, I know we should gary and we should add both “scale free network” and “power law distribution” to our glossary–wherever that went;)

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The reason this is so critical is something I tried to demonstrate at a spiral dynamics confab in boulder no less one year, long ago.

The value basins are “attractors” where a rule set governs behavior in varying densities and frequencies with the “core” demonstrating those characteristics that SGD perfected in describing, which is why it’s important to keep and understand SGD, as the notation system AN-BEIGE, BO-PURPLE, etc.

Wilber’s bastardization of the system has served only to muck up what was already a good, workable, well-defined and researched (primary) system. NONE of Wilber’s work is built upon on primary research only secondary research so his system is what OTHER PEOPLE’s DATA said, not anything he did “primarily.”

These secondary or meta research projects are extremely valuable but not to be confused with primary data.

With that aside, when scale free networks emerged (only discovered in the late 90s), it placed an important link into view for SGD and ValuDYNAMICS, because it gave us a way to understand how density and frequency (my terms) account for the memescape.

It also began to reveal that “higher is not better!” It’s just higher, more complex and that opens all sorts of doors to understanding genetic and memetic variation and diversity @F-L-O-W…where a best fit between hardwired values and conditions remains a “best fit.”

It also provides a way for design to break free from the BS ladder the investment bankers want us on!

It opens the door to understanding vertical, oblique and lateral development over time and how to guide both life and design through evolving menescapes, rather than allow “nature” to take its course and renew evermore technologically-driven “survival of the fittest” competitions, such is occurring presently as the few using technology in ways that others can’t, are.

This will shift, if u live long enough because AI will creep into all systems, mitigating (somewhat) the advantages the “capable” have bestowed on them naturally–synthetically.

Could be a longer wait than most of us have;)


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