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The Difficulty of Taking a Bite Out of Food Waste – WSJ

“People who buy and sell food obviously intend for it to be eaten. But in the U.S., a shocking amount of perfectly good food gets trashed.

In its most recent report, the Agriculture Department estimated that 133 billion pounds of food was lost at the retail and consumer levels in 2010.”



When I’m unable to sleep, I walk around the area where I live in Manila and there is a McDonalds Restaurant on one of the corners where early morning brings about a sorting of the garbage…in plain view, where ever morsel of food is repackaged as good for resale.

Different world.




One reply on “The Difficulty of Taking a Bite Out of Food Waste – WSJ”

The name of the recycled food is pagpag…

Organic, non-GMO, GMO or pagpag or nothing…you choose…if u can!

To me the debate occurs on many levels…people just turn their heads away from the extreme poor and blame “them”…

But if u are one of them…

Your choices are MUCH different…


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