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Well, the hardest–most counter-intuitive thing to GROK @F-L-O-W is the idea…

That there IS no composite standard for anyone to adhere too…excepting those which–are by default–accepted upon joining or being a part of any group.

“…the education and management of his character is the most important…”

This might be important to some but can’t be foist upon anyone because people are wired differently.

Until we get to the point where we can understand that people are motivated to different aspirants, the “strong” will continue to direct the weak.

Imagine this…some people maybe motivated to avoid “the above” or even “to be lazy….”

Now you can see why it’s difficult to apply a composite standard, and have it be “fair” to those who are motivated in an opposite direction–thus breaking down the libertarian model.

What about people who don’t want to work, learn, grow, or ANYTHING which we ascribe to be productive?

Should there be a minimum standard applied? Should people be forced against their “will” to be “normal?”

Hard questions when it comes to designing a “good society.”



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Just to be clear, the quote seems nodal to exiting DQ-BLUE, but holds the idea that founds libertarian values, that it’s up to me, if it’s to be…” a la Brian Tracy;)


Seems that every individual is exposed to pressure to compromise their individuality to fit into the social fabric to some degree. Some more than others. As I read your comments, Mike, I interpret a definition of ‘fairness’ that prioritizes individual freedom to not compromise that individuality. A normless society? In @FLOW, is there any expectation of compromising individual drives and motives to societal norms? Is such a concoction ‘fair’ if it doesn’t serve to sustain humanity when running through the filter of Darwinian processes over the course of a few generations? Because what if it doesn’t?

I heard a compelling way to describe meaningfulness. Doing the things that are good for the individual, the family, the social network, and humanity. Get all those synced up, and there’s meaning. Resonance.

I’ll share these incomplete thoughts here. See what happens.

Alicia Parr

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