2020 September

Privilege Through Values?

I’m comfortable with these splinters in my mind;)


Well that’s for another day;)

Privilege is based on fitness, every dominant value system thus far have evoked privilege on the fit…regardless of anything else.

If you want a deeper level…trust and it’s quagmire.

If you want deeper…expectation.

Privilege is the outcome of expectation, at its roots.

The thing that keeps coming up for me is that our education system since the 60s…and 70s (Carter) has changed America…but with “power comes great responsibility” — uncle Ben to spiderman.

White privileged is just one of a 1000 or more privileges that extend from expectations.

Each core values atttactor has its own privilege:

AN-BEIGE – Survival
BO-PURPLE – Kinship
CPRED – Power
DQ-BLUE – Avoidance
ER-ORANGE – Achievement
FS-GREEN – Affiliation

Since there are so few, focusing on that middle group seems important and of course affords privilege.

There is no more widespread privilege than nepotism!

Why are there no riots?

It’s going on since man had woman and a baby!

This white privileged thing is completely blown out of proportion when u look at the 1000s of privileged grant min by min—all formed from expectation…and related to trust.

Is their white privileged? Of course, is it anymore important than the other 999?

Is there black privilege, of course!

And so on and so on.

You start playing a game that has at its core race…you’re playing a race game!

It will harm those it’s most likely designed to help and it is.

Fitness is not taught anymore, no boy in the 60s took home economics or typing…I did.

Of course there were no courses on white fragility.

Any selection criteria carries with it privilege to those who are most “expectantly” fit.

It’s pretty clear if you want to rewrite history that blacks were the first slave owners…it wasn’t a white idea…

as long as anyone invents a way forward, there are going to be rights abuses.

Which puts me back at the drawing board…

Because unless we want to just create another emergenics solution like “white fragility” which creates more problems than it solves for someone wanting to milk it for riches not humanity, then GT-Y has to motivate us to look beyond now.

As Graves indicated that GT-Y might be an express rather than sacrifice system to get later (my conjecture) we are looking at a different set of motivations.


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