2018 April

Power of the Blue Memetic Value Basin (Spiral Dynamics)

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

“Life is hard, you will suffer, and in order to handle that suffering, you will have to be prepared. Preparing means taking responsibility for yourself. That’s hard, too, so you may try to avoid it. You may use all manner of evasions and rationalizations to convince yourself that things will sort themselves out on their own, or that others will bail you out, or that if they don’t, it’s their fault and not yours. But that’s a lie. So stop lying. Accept responsibility for your fate.”

From Jordan Peterson…a good synthesis of a sacrifice now for later algorithm.   I’d assert that the primary efficacy of it is not what it delivers in the unknown future (which it likely does a fair bit better at, on average, than the other three first tier value basins in this regard over time).  Its efficacy is really that it delivers a ready made structure of meaning and form now, today, and then tomorrow.   Like bowing down to mecca five times a day EVERY day.

You live out this algorithm and your life begins to immediately reshape itself today and tomorrow.  Heidi’s story of the Chinese family sacrificing now and now and now to get later.   Real sacrifices now, and if you do a lot of them, because you have no clue what your hit ratio will be, really can add up fast.

Of all the value basins, I am probably weakest in this one.  I know the necessity of this value construct and have been doing crazy work arounds (and “bamboo” scaffolding) my entire life to obliquely handle this life “truth.”


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Peterson’s emphasis on life-is-suffering is a different take than the form of the blue value basin I was raised with (German, mid-western agrarian roots – which may be relevant). But boy is the mantle of responsibility and obligation and sacrifice-now-for-future deeply baked into my value system.

Seeing someone disown responsibility for things going askew is just REALLY triggering to me. Ugh. If there’s one lesson my brother and I take from our upbringing, it’s personal responsibility not being optional. Whether it’s always true in every micro-instance doesn’t matter so much. At the macro level, it’s usually a healthier, generally more productive way to go about life. So it seems to me. It can be over-played, that’s for sure. I have to watch the over-use of sacrifice-now-for-later becoming nothing but sacrifice-work-sacrifice-work into perpetuity.

Alicia Parr

This is where he triggers BS for me because of his tendency to take something and make is as broad as suffering.

His tendency is to take psychological exceptions and generalize them, like he does here with suffering.

While one could say we are all suffering, this group isnt;) even in a relative sense;)

So what one of us here might consider suffering would be NOTHING compared to real suffering.

He does this a lot as if he’s talking to “everyone” about everyone, and that’s probably his appeal, but it triggers BS for me, because each of us approaching suffering in a different way…as some of us in our activity promote suffering in various ways as a form of development or other related activity, hence suffering is not suffering…as in the face of the child with the mangled hand I saw in India, or the look on the face of a young mother rushing her not-breathing child to a hospital.

So to kind of be flip, as he does at times and tells us to get over it, like my old ‘ball coach used to say…”no blood, no pain” is the mark of someone whose relationship to suffering is cursory;)

I had a ‘ball coach talk about mental toughness all his life and being one of those idiots, I’ve gone through life criticizing others for their “less than stellar” pain thresholds” when it all boils down to my luck in the draw.

So these kinds of things reveal a naïveté about human diversity and that even “some” suffering is brought about through motive guidance…I’m using depression, there are others.

When I feel depressed (rarely), I can’t stay that way…it’s not will, it’s my constitution, depression can’t live in me and it goes away fast, through no “ get over it” mandate but the constitution that eliminates it by design—one which I have control over.

So when I hear tough guys—like me—talking about how the world is to others—my BS flag is unfurled.

As much as my constitution flies in the face of some of these things that “liberals” — through their constitution believe and value — for different reasons, I understand; although I might agree with the wrapping or the revelation.

But it’s counter-intuitive, making it much more difficult; even in me, to hold and examine without strong constitutional rejection.

If “liberals” could get a handle on how not to run all of us off with the way they see everything, we could help them, not through polarization such is as what is happening with a lot of Peterson’s stuff that’s getting generalized as “conservative” because of the directness, and the uptake by those who are in some ways misreading the tea leaves.

That’s my sense of things.

What makes me think of DQ-BLUE with Peterson is the absoluteness that cradles his punditry.

I’m truly amazed at his encyclopedic recall, which is another mechanism that holds people in awe of parts of what he’s saying.


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