2020 October

POTUS vs. Housekeeper

Here is a piece about a housekeeper at Walter Reed (where Trump was cared for) complaining about the difference in approach of the hospital when she got Covid vs. POTUS.

A great example of FS-Green.   From within the value structure, ALL lives are equal and should be treated equally.  So this is internally consistent and would make intuitive sense for anyone within the value basin.   It is unjust treatment.

From outside of the value basin, it is seen as a caricature of the value structure run amok.   The interests of the US, constitutional stability, etc. make it clear, you expend any resource to keep POTUS safe/alive.   We the tax payers spend millions a day on average to keep POTUS safe, doing anything that is required to do so, within the context of allowing POTUS to engage physically with the electorate.

And when then when he is sick we don’t want to expend any resource required?

So from within the values framework, it is consistent and coherent.  Outside of the values framework, it sounds naïve and silly.

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