2016 February

Notes from the Sovereign Man


“People won’t change until they have to and then it’s too late to change so the next generations have to adapt.”

I think change is so difficult because it requires us to go back and retire primitive or zero order beliefs (bem).

We will/can do almost anything to avoid that pain because our IDENTITY is emergent from that…and of course (absent trauma, a la phineas gage) can’t alter our intrinsic structure (now at least and yes we will be able to do gene manipulation to add empathy later Gary;).


I didn’t want to believe this but history shows otherwise and while a whole lot of people make their living convincing you that you CAN change, there are a whole lot of other people making money off the fact you don’t/won’t change;)–the old coming and going scheme called the rat race.

Most people immediately get depressed but this goes back to “don’t sweat the small stuff” at a larger perspective.

In that context, we can eek out;) very happy lives;)

What happens to most of us is that are lives are so far from happy that we preoccupy ourselves with noise so the signals of unhappiness either get blamed on other, or we drown out any reason to change our own lives with another channel’s news noise.

As far back as recorded history, people have voted themselves where they could–largess–and blamed it on the people who they elected!

The reason I wanted trump (authoritarian–most positive for climate, research shows!) is that he would REGRESS the system where all others would “progress” the system.

You can reset the system with pain and dumping political correctness for nationalism rather than where it’s headed as a one world government where the rich control even more, because that’s what the rich do.

BOTH HAVE THEIR PROBLEMS, but what I described in an earlier post where density and frequency of the other attractor basins (red, blue, orange) are waning in favor of FS-GREEN (SGD) which releases the PUGNACITY of man for opportunism, which THEN is easily advantaged by the rich who continue to give us more of what we got!

The ONLY BIG THING that I fear is a loss of social order. 

That trumps everything and we are seeding that memetically now because as the density and frequency of blue diminishes and is lost as the blue-raised boomers die off leaving the density/frequency ratios of orange and green to proliferate sideways (because in some ways we are NOT getting smarter), we will loose the fight with PUGNACITY (Durant).

Trumps plan to kick everyone illegal out, ban Muslims until we have controls and can identify radical from moderate, and build a wall, which will require a huge reinvestment in blue and it will also DISRUPT a lot of the long-standing (immigrant-related) criminal activity that will eventually seed and fuel social disorder.

This would also mean a loss of some personal freedoms but no more than what we are giving up indirectly anyway because of the disruption of society trying to “pickoff” the exceptions.

It would also strengthen the USA against the invasion that is occurring by…(the bugs)…most people don’t know that the epidemic cycle is also gaining momentum also.

So while trump is a clod, what would happen would be good for the country and the world, it would also stop socialism as an extension of the current paradigm which will be the thing (and is) coopted for the emergence of social DISORDER; the only thing to fear, aside from the nuts who have nukes…and a reinvestment in blue (a lot of jobs…albeit with inherent problems) would deter most…which is what Blue does (oversimplified).

And we have the opportunity for a more sophisticated blue density coming back out of ER-ORANGE and FS-GREEN would should “sophisticate” along with technology the lateral complexity required for fairness (hope).

There is not enough yellow (second tier) yet because we are still creating green problems;)

Just some thoughts to chew on.

No candidate or solution comes without inherent problems, however aside from the problems of each choosing us, I prefer certain kinds of problems versus others and too much freedom is going to kill us, me, you and everyone else…because ANY SOLUTION which fails to account for human nature as it is versus how we would like it to be, is creating solution resistance at more complex levels.


Until you get down to zero order beliefs and rebuild there we are t going anywhere but sideways;)



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A really thoughtful / thought provoking piece.

Thinking out loud…..A couple of things it sparked. My sense, vast number of problems are now at a yellow tier, and that is the problem because there are very few people with capacity to hold enough perspective in real time (and overtime) to craft yellow tier responses.

And equally challenging is that second-tier people are generally not able to amass sufficient power to effectively choreograph and pace the necessary elements. My definition of second tier capacity is a combinatorial cognitive and ego development that allows for minimally meta-systemic capacity. AND a boatload of experience in working on complex adaptive problems.

My definition of a yellow tier problem is any problem that requires a variable and continuously changing chord of value basins (with their attending capacities) put in play simultaneously or intermittently, and then various elements amplified or dampened from moment to moment, day to day to craft emergent solutions in these complex adaptive environments.

I’d say any problem that lands in complex adaptive space requires “yellow tier” capacity. This is why the “garbage can model of organizational choice” was such a seminal paper (see attached). It describes the environments where the problems, solutions and decision makers are all disconnected from one another. All these elements are thrown together in a metaphoric “garbage can” and if they meet up/connect then decisions result. Assumptions are these environments are haphazard, chaotic, unpredictable and that luck is a huge part of what you need to design for.

And no doubt that FS-Green is ascending in the west anyway, and is coming to home to roost, especially on college campuses, for example. And is being overplayed often.

Here is an incredibly simplified caricature of the value basins…and the necessity of each in crafting emergent solutions in these kinds of environments…

Red: Any complex adaptive problem space requires lots powered up individuals/entrepreneurs/fighters willing to go to war for what they want to see be created. (No red basin, no energy strong enough to power through). I’ve aborted many projects over the lack of these kinds of leaders.

Blue: disciplined organizational capacity is essential, including people who know how to block and tackle, follow procedures, and implement discrete tasks. Funding sources require this.

Orange: almost all problems require deep understanding and alignment with economic / business models, and tapping into market forces to propel the solution.

Green: there needs to be a continuous process of engaging stakeholders, setting AND unsetting the right strategic tables of conversation, building alignment to reduce operational/implementation risk AND mobilizing discretionary resources.

A second tier leader, as they can, needs to continuously feel into what needs to be added/deleted to and from the mix. And this is why usually the best strategy to emerge second tier capacity is to simply hold together enough disparate (yet synergistic) capacities and allow them to bang into each other in productive ways. And then hold on and go with the flow of what gets created from this. With these kinds of problems, NO ONE can see around the next corner.

Even more simplified, almost all problems/solutions require a basket of values (and capacities) to sustainably be brought to bear. Most of us just muck through. And what worked in the past doesn’t work for a problem now.

You can often look to how the value basins are not appropriately represented to find what needs to be added. E.G. As someone who used to be in the belly of the City of Chicago beast, I have been watching the police shootings of young black men in Chicago and the rabid and now exposed cover up of these shootings. Too much red and self-protective blue, not enough green transparency, alignment to stakeholders, flow of information, etc and then allowing that to back into necessary procedures to protect the public from inappropriate use of force. The mayor has played this out really badly. Likely will be the issue that sinks him. Stayed too long backing his team. I used to work for Daley #2, he was brilliant at throwing people under the bus, just kept on throwing more and more people under until there was enough satisfaction to move on to the next issue/crisis.


This is interesting piece…what’s most interesting is that you have expressed your model of reality and that in itself has value, aside from the piece itself.

I’ll wait until I have more marbles;)

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