2018 May

No successful or unsuccessful people

Traits/Motives dictate largely which values emerge, those values usually map to particular basins, each basin has a core set of algorithms, or rule set.

Determining through self-knowledge what those are help in mapping to the core model which for all practice purposes built around a matrix of express self, sacrifice of self, now and later.

It’s clear that the legal secretary—as do many using that core of DQ-BLUE—sacrifice self to get later—THE MILLIONAIRE NEXT DOOR, amass large amounts of money using simple methods such as stick with things, spend less than u make, save your money, keep expenses low….

Most of us would not be happy with her life—boring.

But it does create success as defined by about every measure in that basin, and others also;)

Anyone can do it, as long as you have those motives, or a design @F-L-O-W, that cued, scaffolded, supported and lifted where necessary;)





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