2015 July

Memory problems? Go climb a tree. | KurzweilAI [1 Attachment]

“Working memory capacity increase of 50 percent; better than yoga

In the study, such activities included climbing trees, walking and crawling on a beam approximately 3 inches wide, moving while paying attention to posture, running barefoot, navigating over, under and around obstacles, as well as lifting and carrying awkwardly weighted objects. After two hours, participants were tested again, and researchers found that their working memory capacity had increased by 50 percent, a dramatic improvement.”


I had experience a few weeks ago in Camotes walking in a old lava field and after a couple of days, I noticed a cognitive flush that seemed rejuvenating and fresh…now I know it was related to this effect…when I get back I plan to do this every morning as I noticed it also involved leg conditioning;)

I have trouble sitting for yoga but the challenge provided by locomotion over uneven surfaces like lava is pretty exhilarating and it’s right out the front door;)


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