2015 September

Medicare Costs May Jump 52% in 2016 | Armstrong Economics

More “affordable” healthcare?

“…almost one-third of the roughly 50 million elderly Americans who depend on Medicare for their healthcare and other services are likely to see their premiums jump by 52% or more in 2016.”


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I used to believe that disputes about issues like this could be solved by examining the facts, but it doesn’t seem like that anymore.

I was raised on the New York Times and so expect its reporting and editorials to be grounded in fact. Krugman ( has fairly consistently been bringing forward facts and arguments to show that the ACA is bringing down health-care costs.

My point here is not that Krugman is right and Armstrong is wrong but rather that I have no idea how to get a solid grounding for my own position. Krugman and Armstrong have their own biases. I don’t see how any of us can make a move free of bias.

I don’t know how to evaluate Krugman’s claims vs. Armstrong’s except through some other bias.


Having spent a decade near the middle of medicine, there was NOTHING in the ACA that dealt with the underlying roots of increasing costs aside from deciding about the last 2 years of a persons life where most medical costs occur…except abstention;)


The other issue is each values bias is going to have a different set of facts surrounding the mapping to conditions…finding single truths that sweep across levels of bias is going to be more and more difficult because of complexity and resultant fragmentation.


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