2020 September


“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

A thought, observation, way of looking at the list below…

AN-BEIGE – Survival
BO-PURPLE – Kinship
CP-RED – Power
DQ-BLUE – Avoidance
ER-ORANGE – Achievement
FS-GREEN – Affiliation


One stage’s end, is the next one’s means. At BEIGE, the end is survival. For PURPLE, the end is kinship, the means is survival.  And so on through the list.  It’s an interesting exercise.

If the means of YELLOW is affiliation, what’s the end?  I think you’ve proposed contribution?  Affiliation as a means to contribution.  That could be seen as grouping in a manner that’s contributory to the larger whole.  Or something.

Food for thought.


Mike’s response:

Yes, I’ll plug that in;)

The thing is you have to be clear on what system of emergence you’re using because it works for SGD but not VD, as all the systems are present in each of us…around 40320 permutations with 8…but if you use density and frequency even with 3 states x 8 = 24! u end up with probability numbers that are off the charts… and can explain their being such small differences in large numbers although that quite possibly only 18! Active

A person is a composite of the system while having up to maybe 3 core systems reaching some dominance across domains…

Who was that trans personal psychology guy? Parent, Child…Adult type of system..?




One reply on “Means/ends”

I was reading this and realised an important connection.

In the Reiss research he placed markers at std dev from norm so each distribution was a bell curve moving towards on one side and away from on the middle.

The fine print reads that which is less than .8 and more than -.8 is held in concert with the culture (my words)…

Ok if you think about that notice, a large part of our density and frequency of values is held in the tension of culture—that’s why it requires events that call people to their cores—and otherwise they don’t say or do much.

That’s why influence is almost always done by evoking the 7 deadly sins to get people pushed to tipping points to act.

It’s not that they don’t have the feelings or want to voice them or even act but it’s the old adage of the conservation of energy…

People didn’t elect TRUMP because of TRUMP, they elected him because they were tired of dropping mice into a snake pit!


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