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Maker City: A Practical Guide for Reinventing American Cities | KurzweilAI

Something Graves missed…

“Maker City: A Practical Guide for Reinventing American Cities is a comprehensive case studies and how-to information useful for city leaders, civic innovators, nonprofits, and others engaged in urban economic development. Maker City: A Practical Guide for Reinventing American Cities is committed to going beyond stories to find patterns and discern promising practices to help city leaders … more…

Something that I have been considering for some time is how 2nd Tier comes for the masses?

The path is in this metatheme:


Now the mode with which that occurs is technology.

If we were to go back (I’m sure someone has already done this) and look at broad spectrum technological innovation, we would see the “markers” necessary for memetic evolution.

What the author points to is one of those broad spectrum evolutions…and that’s what is required for GT-YELLOW conditions to emerge because the world is stuck and the current civil war is about existential fear on the far left and the far right–whose values are mobilizing the end of First Tier.

The question I have is will the end of first tier be the end of man;)

The polarization occurring is setting up the conditions where all systems devolve into a FT (First Tier) cul de sac…with no way out.1

The only way out, to borrow a phrase…”is not to play.”



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From Cherie Beck, who was not in original copy.

My feedback is: 2nd tier will not come for the masses until it comes for the individual. The path to that is not one size fits all. As SD claims, GT is also named A’N’ so the same theme of AN on the individual about the individual in AN- Beige will apply to the individual concerning the human species in GT (A’N’)Yellow. Dealing with existential fear is a priority in both systems.

My returning inquiry for mike is: has 2nd tier come for you? Tell me more about what “not to play” means and what, how and why you’ll enact change in yourself to not play.”

Mike’s Answer;)

This is a very long and complex answer because you have to unwind this all the way back to the primary research where there were 4 categories only adjudicated by the panel.

That’s why I will write the book so I can just let people read how I got where I am because until you unwind it all the way back, you can understand why what I said points in a different direction that Cherie is looking and assuming.

I’ve got it scheduled for 2022 when I reach 70 and you’re welcome to show her the manifesto I need to update as it reveals a backbone of the 2.0 interpretation or -1.0 if u feel that way;)

But not to dodge the question:

Only about 2% of the population are “elgible” for GT-YELLOW due to potential–draw the line at line133 IQ for an oversimplified version although correlation is not causation.

Graves noted intelligence issues limiting purple to red–I’ve substantiated that in general–seen with my own eyes here in Ph, and it’s not just the Talisay phenomenon either.

If you imagine a line of existential potential between those lines of intellect for again an over generalized categorical assumption it changes the system to 4 on 4, GT-YELLOW, now looks a lot like CP-RED?

I don’t think I have to suggest what is playing out globally as the ONLY WAY, you will soon see to deal with FS-GREEN “problems” will be with “red tones, not beige”!

Since I’ve shown (at least until augmentation = transhunanism becomes available to the masses), the GT-YELLOW SYSTEM will be constructed by those who can (2%) and people will–as they always have–ride the shoulders but not before it’s clear that FS-GREEN “mean” elements are confronted directly with their own “shadow dynamic” of cp-red.

What spins or spirals out of FS-GREEN will be the early stages of GT-YELLOW (entering) as those with potential learn NOT TO PLAY with this “mean” bunch–you play, you lose, you HAVE TO CHANGE THE GAME! Trump, et al has not learned this lesson–>illustrating my point well;); HOWEVER, these conditions are what are necessary for GT-YELLOW to emerge, so while green wins their game (RFR-algorithms) now, they have sewn the seeds of their future failure!

FS-GREEN relies on sufficient density and frequency of those other first tier values basins (red, blue, orange) to pay its “credit card!”

So the GAME changed between purple-red cultural evolution, and a new game is emerging at green-yellow…if one continues to play the 1st tier game, FS-GREEN holds the trump cards (affiliation motivation is a better fit for more, FYI)…you lose.

The only way to win, is not to play.

I hope I modeled for you the answer to your first and final question;)

Simple EXAMPLE for illustration only:

Should TRUMP continue to put out more executive orders that can be nullified by liberal judges who are known for overreach and legislation?

Of course not, don’t play.

He has the means I believe through the direction of homeland security to make immigration so difficult he creates an effective ban which while being fought in court for years has the effect he wants.

Station troops on the border–make a human wall, build the civilary I’ve suggested for years (using the spiral of course) as intocracy. (I put this up in 2002;)

Many ways to construct a GT-YELLOW System without many individuals having the potential and they WONT EVER, until we reach transhuman;)


It could be.

I’m some form, the minimalist movement is a function of an aversion to peak ER-ORANGE, where the “crown prince” of BS lives, not in a bad sense always because there is nothing wrong with those who needs for more are present…just the BS projection of those needs onto the needs of the many, that’s where “everything” runs off track.

So one has to look at something/anything through a lens of is this value-based need, or a perspective on a perspective of need.


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