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If you have 40 min…Listen

The reason this is important is the number of perspectives that are introduced…in a way that’s helpful to those who don’t have as much information as they need to understand what’s really in play…

I was particular struck by thoughts that Barr triggered or stated:

“We have two ways of resolving issues in our system: discussion and voting…“

Left is now not representative of the liberal values that founded the country and…

Left no longer want discussion and compromise…

Left wants to tear down our society, and institutions…

To design their version of utopian life…where they control us in service if that design. (Notably similar to the super elite at the World Economic Forum.)
Left has created a “secular religion” that has become a “narrative”…

Left — as it has become — support antifa’s goal to create a global communist gov…but more specifically to end the TRUMP administration in any way possible…

Only a few who are truly revolutionary are scaffolded by those who are “cowards” and merely want to retain their political position.

He echoes my contention that things have radically changed in 30 years…that everything is being reduced to politics; as opposed to politics being a part of our lives.

His notation on narrative is pivotal because the idea being aligned with relativism which is running through the core of FS-GREEN as a conceptual system which is why “narrative” rather than “truth” is much more important—this is a profound realisation because what you have in this largest of the “dominant memetic cores” is the conceptual space that enables a broad set of hybrids to “live and thrive” within this system.

This is critically important because the conceptual slave which translates directly to “degrees of freedom” has contained within it a great amount of power and control that appeals across a broad spectrum of the memescape…

Which translates to broad appeal.

What’s most interesting is that had the left not been coopted by those whose narrative is “too far away” (a typical developmental error of “distance”); the left would have been able to easily overpower the right because of the degrees of freedom (DOF).

The right has failed to increase the DOF required for the broad need to create an umbrella that would gather more POV (pts of view); create a more robust heterarchy.

He mentions “rule of law” where the core attribute is that any rule is applied to everyone…

A second attribute is that the rule of law is not used for political means….

It’s very interesting to me that the left would attempt, along with the media to outright discredit someone who seems to be unassailable…

“…watchdogs of the system (media) became the attackdogs in the system…”

have a studied Ari Fleisher since he’s been press secretary because he is unflappable…Barr seems to be similar in that he’s not emotional even as he is attacked and belittled…

It’s a good interview to watch as Barr cites a lot of inflection points as opposed to just answering the questions…

“…the constitution doesn’t take a holidays…”

What I’m taking away is that people who value the law are now contrasted with those who value politics…

“Towards the end, he talks about “intellectual consistency” as being part of the “rule of law”…where he first describes that “decisions are being made impulsively without regard for what the decision means in other similar instances!”

What he describes is a shift in core values, or rather contrast the idea in Gravesisn language that is a notation for “time” as “…to get NOW” vs “…to get later.”

While this might seem trivial, it’s memetically defining in that the 4 systems which emerged from the original Graves primary research in the 50s and 60s: asking Students in his class to “define the personality of a mature adult”—using a juried panel which divided 60% of the descriptions into “4” groups largely represented by a matrix of: express self; to get now and later and sacrifice self; to get now and later.

It turns out that what Barr is describing is consistent with the emergence of FS-GREEN of “sacrifice self now to get now” system which is consistent (intellectually) with what we see happening and being documented as Barr points out Is beginning with political and judicial systems where decisions are being made “Impulsively without regard for “later.”

Because the other “…to get now“ system Is conceptually much smaller but with huge “opportunistic energy” available, that CP-RED (empire building) system energises its FS-GREEN partner’s “get now” approach; evident in how all of the destructive energy that can’t answer what will happen “later” as a result.

Because FS-GREEN has so much more conceptual space for the prior developed cores (CP-RED, DQ-BLUE, ER-ORANGE), the two “get later” systems actually thrive in the larger field of degrees of freedom.

FS-GREEN because it’s been co-opted by the radical left has now created an artificial barrier which is naturally Not present to the “get later” systems that have formed a powerful bond because of the presence of rule of law combined with the stewardship of capital—“To get later” both of which have shown to be formidable in construction of well-being.

I think watching Barr we see someone who thrives within the broad conceptual space of FS-GREEN and brings a necessary complement to the “get now” system.

Yet because of the nature of the twist of “politicising everything“ as THE system vs. politics is a part of a metasystem…the conceptual space is collapsing.

It was an interesting interview, start to finish.


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” Because FS-GREEN has so much more conceptual space for the prior developed cores (CP-RED, DQ-BLUE, ER-ORANGE), the two “get later” systems actually thrive in the larger field of degrees of freedom. ”

CP-RED can be expressed instrumentally to protect degrees of freedom that are needed from a fundamentally “get later” system.

Alicia Parr

Good video. Barr is a level-headed fellow. I’ve been struck by his ability to stay calm in the face of attacks.

I’ll paraphrase a closing question asked to him.
Are you glad that you came back to be AG?
I don’t know if ‘glad’ is the word I’d choose, but I’m content with my decision.

Alicia Parr

He goes on to say…that in light of things, he stepped up…and he’s happy he did that.


Most likely has order and some tranquility although the steadiness and stoism seems evident although possibly acquired.

The calmness by which some people demonstrate unflappability is always amazing.

Big 5 wise High C, mid A, N, E, below mid O perhaps…but not low O;)

One thing I don’t stress enough is “Bias” although I do include it in LeaderW@RE — important enough to be in the Mag7, however.

When degrees of freedom increase, bias tends to play a larger role.


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