2020 October

Heifitz and Linsky

I’m working on my problem definition piece but ran across this good summary.

I’ve always liked Heifetz and Linsky’s work.

They were helpful in popularizing the distinction between technical and adaptive work / problems maybe 20 years ago.

They are a solid on ramp to complex adaptive problem work.  (late St. 2 / St. 3 ish)

The framework / set of heuristics below are to be applied to adaptive problems (not technical).   I see in all of it a complex weave of Tier 1 value basins.  Heavy on FS-Green, but at the core of an adaptive challenge is the necessity to emerge solutions and create and maintain tensions.  You, the leader, cannot “solve” the problem.  If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand anything about adaptive problems.

Their punchline: working on adaptive problems is bruising / difficult work.  You better approach it in a fantastically different way otherwise you will get wiped out.  Here are the ways a leader needs to approach these kinds of problems.