2015 November

Headlines: France Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria in Retaliation for Attacks

So much for the liberal response of love your enemy right?

And back to the psychology which has you wondering…

If u kill 150 innocent people with a rifle, we will kill thousands with our bombs…

What kind of lunacy is at work in that rational…?

Oh yea, it’s better to not face our enemy, but splatter the shit everywhere with arms, legs and organs…

You know the first time I heard someone say that the USA was the greatest terrorist of all, I bristled in my perfect marine corps red, white and blue posture…!

These days, I am more embarrassed than not especially when I see US and them in the light.

Sometimes we are such cowards…


I’m sure this message will gain a lot of ground;)

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“If u kill 150 innocent people with a rifle, we will kill thousands with our bombs…”

I’ve been reading Axelrod’s The Evolution of Cooperation. Through game theory, he demonstrates how once (perceived) cooperation emerges for mutual benefit, it’s the threat of retaliation that reduces defection. Niceness, here, is defined by not being the first guy to defect, not by absence of violence.

“In both actual tournaments and various replays the best performing strategies were nice:[31] that is, they were never the first to defect. Many of the competitors went to great lengths to gain an advantage over the “nice” (and usually simpler) strategies, but to no avail: tricky strategies fighting for a few points generally could not do as well as nice strategies working together. TFT (and other “nice” strategies generally) “won, not by doing better than the other player, but by eliciting cooperation [and] by promoting the mutual interest rather than by exploiting the other’s weakness.”[32]

Being “nice” can be beneficial, but it can also lead to being suckered. To obtain the benefit – or avoid exploitation – it is necessary to be provocable to both retaliation and forgiveness. When the other player defects, a nice strategy must immediately be provoked into retaliatory defection.[33] The same goes for forgiveness: return to cooperation as soon as the other player does. Overdoing the punishment risks escalation, and can lead to an “unending echo of alternating defections” that depresses the scores of both players.[”

source –

I don’t share this to justify a response. I don’t know enough to have a well-formed opinion. All I know is that cooperation is a natural outcome, but so is defection and retaliation in the face of it. Surely seats of power influence the dynamic. Righteous indignation can build when in a low-power situation for a long time. Righteous indignation flares when the in-power have their safety and comfort disrupted.

Alicia Parr

I think people might be confused by my thinking;)

Studies have shown that if someone thinks you will retaliate they are “less” likely to bully or strike.

But that’s logic.

We have dyslogic working here…

This is beyond our understanding.

Those game theories are not programmed from the beliefs of fundamental literal Islam but “logic”…

They don’t apply!

Just like bombing innocent people doesn’t.

Playing in a world of dyslogic is difficult to program, and this model.

Here’s the takeaway. (IMHO)

In EVERY strategy we have used, FLI has adapted quickly…like bacteria, they don’t lead, they adapt, making them much more virulent because they don’t have to follows rules (of logic)….

You can’t win if you play…

Now…whose stuck?


If I’m ISIS and the people behind/with them, I’ve got bets placed in the markets, a la Pelham 123…

They didn’t attack because they didn’t think we would retaliate…so far they have understood our logic perfectly….

So why do it?

What I tried to demonstrate with some of my posts is that in order to play–if you must–you must do something COUNTER-INTUITIVE!

They played us like a drum.

Now what did they gain…?

It’s chess…that was a chess move?

Or you think it’s simpler than that, hehe?

Just a bunch of nuts poppin…?

If that’s the case, any move is the wrong move psychologically!


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