2015 April

Freedom ain’t free…

I want to take another stab at something…bear with me and I’ll do my best to stay on point;)

Assume that we know people–with the freedom–don’t think, but we give them the freedom anyway…

The rich know people don’t think (by think I mean critically think, analyze, etc.), but they don’t dissuade the system from allowing freedom because it politically correct for people to be FREE to pursue happiness, so they feed people BS…in all its forms.

Now, if someone came out and said…”why do people need all this freedom anyway…why don’t we just accept that and operate above board…?”

People would scream bloody murder for taking their freedom away because they were being manipulated!

Catch my idea?

On one hand people are manipulated in the worst way…with their freedom in hand.

Yet, taking that freedom away and manipulating them…actually less is not politically correct or advantageous which is why we have the legal profession running the government…manipulating the people.

The irony here?

Freedom ain’t free and anyone and everyone who possibly can, uses that freedom to transfer wealth knowingly on the backs of the people with the “freedom” to think but won’t!

THIS is a beautiful system @BS!

The system has only one conclusion…the same conclusion that all cycles like this have…and that is freedom ain’t free…!

We are paying a LOT to be free…some will notice…everything we have in the end.

Freedom ain’t free.


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