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Football Question…Discomfort?

Somewhere I have notes John on why I was not a good triple option quarterback either in the wishbone or later the T-bone as Emory Bullard modifies it at TAMU.

I should have stayed in the “spread” offense which was a evolution of the I Offense, I was much better when I saw the whole field at once then sequencing the reads in the triple option.

I would have needed a lot more time in the offense and as it was I didn’t know enough to say no…and no one knew enough at that time to select qb’s based on “brain function” or biases.

Somewhere I wrote about this in detail but haven’t run across it to share.

In short, I am ENTP, to run that system well a person with ST functions with “S” dominant and probably extroverted although ISTJ could possibly be more well suited with “S” introverted dominance perhaps.

But a dominant intuitive is at a clear disadvantage because the appetite of perspective is naturally focused on breadth not depth and options not detail (follow procedures).

Having too much information rather than selective focus screws up the ability to sequence the reads although one can do it—because it’s not a preference it gets muddled in translation.

Earl Campbell’s little brother play outside linebacker in an 8 man front (4-4) not being the end, on a hard stunt with Doug English as the inside read can muddle any sane mind…I froze, I should have squatted and pitched the ball—had I done so, I would not have daily reminders of the fact that not doing so created 5 crushed lumbar vertebrate like it was yesterday instead of 50 years ago.

When you’re young you think you will live forever, when ur old, you wish you had taken better care of yourself.

The first read is a tackle picking up the fullback, the first option, the second read is the defensive end, or in the case of a linebacker stunting as the end man on the line of scrimmage going upfield u run, coming down hard on the qb, you squat (to lessen the damage;) and pitch…

In a stunt like the backer coming down and the technical end swinging outside (going up field) you have the perfect Defense called you stifle the triple option, if you pitch late (read late) you are 50-50 fumble because a halfback has to catch the ball while being hit by the end stunting outside;)

Best to eat the ball if u read late as the stunt is designed to cause you to do because the person who normally be the 3rd read is now the second and this is how and why the triple option was made extinct as the only thing you can do is throw the ball on an 8 man front unless you much bigger and can literally shove the ball down their throats u TIL they are forced out of the 8 man front…nether of which is likely anymore and then in college.

Our offensive line was bigger on average 10# than the Dallas cowboys in 1975, but we still couldn’t do it to Texas;)

And they lost because they couldn’t do it to us;) we held akins and Earl Campbell to low yards, but on the same situation in the first quarter I threw in tbat stunt to Richard Osborne for a TD…

Had Richard not dropped the pass the play before, I wouldn’t have daily reminders of his drop either;)

You know how an aluminium can gets squashed…I had an X-ray with all 5 lumbar vertebrate that looked like squashed beer cans…

Fortunately for me, I was young and healed fast and now validate that my genetics give me a very high pain threshold—which I thought everyone has—turns out it’s genetic and some have super sensitive pain thresholds.

Anyway John that’s the short answer.

This photo is me coming off the field after the hit…

I had shooting pains in my back and thank god they didn’t let me play again or I could have really been disabled, as it is just a daily reminder;)


I watched us lose to Arkansas on dec 6 or 7, Hooked up to a TENS unit laying flat in my bed, I didn’t even make the trip…the first time a game had been moved out of regular season for TV;), we were ranked #2 behind OSU before the loss.



PS: my parents drove from Nebraska carrying my favorite food from Taco Johns…which I promptly ate and went to the hospital the next day with dysentery;) until a day before the game, so no practice or looks at that stunt during the week;)


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Thanks Mike. I was thinking that the discomfort of physical practices–twice a days etc and pushing yourself, as well as playing with pain
would be the discomfort.
How can teams take the genetics and individual psychological strengths into consideration in selecting a QB?


Well actually three a days at times, extra classes for qb 120• 3 foot temp above the turf And playing and practicing hurt—foolish—but uncomfortable;)

In high school, coach Johnson took us to Laramie peak for 10 days camp like “the junction boys” with coach Bryant—but the bonding is probably more important than the discomfort.

Probably why I was so successful in marine corp boot camp, which was “uncomfortable”…we were last group to go through the Quonset huts in 71…at MCRD.


On the issue of discomfort and suffering in individual sports in addition to team sports– there’s definitely a pride and higher position on the dominance hierarchy for those who are willing to suffer. Common posturing at events and on social media involves talking about how many miles ridden/run, that they are ‘training through’ this event, etc. So being an admired figure in running, swimming, triathlon, etc. is not just about who crosses the finish line first. It’s just as much about who can be a training beast.

From an individual motivation perspective, I always like knowing I did something hard more than I enjoyed doing it in the moment. It’s a very suffer now for future gain mentality.

Alicia Parr

Endurance sport has a lot of energy that maps to DQ-Blue.

e.g., I’d be willing to lose a local race to be more prepared to win the national championship. There’s a lot of aim to win the war and not just the battle. There’s also a lot of engineers and executives drawn to endurance sport. The motives apply across domains.

Alicia Parr

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