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Following Impeachment?

I’m reading some stuff, no real coverage here.

Liked this because finally someone is thinking ahead.

I thought he also noted the “climate of anger” and in many ways…I can’t help but see that “we” as a nation have issues;)


Jonathan Turley: I would like to start, perhaps incongruously, with a statement of three irrelevant facts. First, I am not a supporter of President Trump. I voted against him in 2016 and I have previously voted for Presidents Clinton and Obama. Second, I have been highly critical of President Trump, his policies, and his rhetoric, in dozens of columns. Third, I have repeatedly criticized his raising of the investigation of the Hunter Biden matter with the Ukrainian president. These points are not meant to curry favor or approval. Rather they are meant to drive home a simple point: one can oppose President Trump’s policies or actions but still conclude that the current legal case for impeachment is not just woefully inadequate, but in some respects, dangerous, as the basis for the impeachment of an American president. To put it simply, I hold no brief for President Trump. My personal and political views of President Trump, however, are irrelevant to my impeachment testimony, as they should be to your impeachment vote. Today, my only concern is the integrity and coherence of the constitutional standard and process of impeachment. President Trump will not be our last president and what we leave in the wake of this scandal will shape our democracy for generations to come. I am concerned about lowering impeachment standards to fit a paucity of evidence and an abundance of anger. If the House proceeds solely on the Ukrainian allegations, this impeachment would stand out among modern impeachments as the shortest proceeding, with the thinnest evidentiary record, and the narrowest grounds ever used to impeach a president.7 That does not bode well for future presidents who are working in a country often sharply and, at times, bitterly divided


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Ok, I’m going out on a limb here, but…

Remember Herb that I made the comment years ago…after I evaluated President Obama using one of my experimental approaches with Elliott’s BUI and I used SMCs;)

Well at that time I had before made mention that atheists and believers shared similar roots in DQ-BLUE.

As I read again Turley’s comments…

A flash (of the obvious perhaps) that this whole process has been/evolved to Trump’s level (scorned by most).

That flash also reminded me that you can look for data points like this to understand development.

Turley’s (regardless of the politics involved) development shows that he’s reached a point that he is able to objectify his own feelings—homie them by holding them as object, but also able to lay them alongside other perspectives, now, near and far, to show how decisions can be improved in doing so.

What I’ve seen from most “elite” is an inability to see anything other than disgust, hatred or bewilderment leading to decisions which appear suboptimal but when we look back…will have been dangerous to our country and given the wrong impression to those who would stand to gain in activities with or to us.

This “Ari Fleischer“ capability has a lot to do with equilibrium (evoking Piaget Herb) and how you know that post conventional development is present (to throw out a descriptor).

Clearly Trumps ways are annoying and often burlesque but he’s still duly elected until we find out he wasn’t. And while his behavior reeks of non-presidential, so do most have moments that you could pick-on…and I suspect that he doesn’t know how to behave otherwise vs he’s making a conscious choice, but with being shredded everyday by almost everyone…it’s got to be hard on the guy and what behavior would we expect because one thing he’s NOT going to do is quit!

And that’s back to his projection can be dangerous for people who would quit…thinking that any sane person would just find a way to get out—extremely perplexing for the elite.

However…an aside.

Everyone picking on him—good or bad—is going to turn him into an underdog (like before) and people love the underdog and far more…the indomitable.

The fear that this guy is generating among the people who run the big stuff has to be increasingly weighing on their logic.


Trump has reduced everyone who could be reduced, to his level where they have to play according to a different set of rules.

War Games anyone?


Fascinating times. Turley’s testimony worth listening to. Thanks for sending!

Trump…once in a generation public figure I’m sure. A near perfect storm of a talent stack combined with hardy personality and high vengeance honed over 70 decades of hardened battle.

I was out for a walk the other day with an old high school / college friend and he was literally screaming that Trump had committed treason.. I said…”well, that’s one perspective anyway..” That didn’t go over so well. 🙂

I tried to have a reasoned conversation of the gamut of historic and precedent setting implications re: an impeachment with my father in law. I actually had to put a hard stop to it as it unwound into a frenzy of emotion.

My intuition says that the democrats are on the path to what happened to the republicans after Clinton. They lost the House over it. In aggregate, we do not like overreach. Or sloppy process.

This is sloppy simply because there is no time, given the election coming next year. They have to slam it through now otherwise it will be seen overwhelmingly by the public that matters (moderates, middle America, rustbelt) as a political move. Given that the Senate trial won’t conclude until who knows when (and McConnel will slow walk it) …I suspect the democrats have already sprung their own trap. Pelosi is a ridiculously good politician so it is possible that I am missing something. Possible she felt she had no political choice (damned if do or don’t) so she picked her poison.

There is a possibility our democracy is unwinding OR a wind is passing. Always this possibility. Probability is a different matter. But we just don’t know.

I don’t even know if things are really all that more polarized then historical precedents, other than to your point mike, trump has a unique ability to get others to fight on his field. When they do, they quite literally do not have the KSEs to do it.

I have worked on a few projects where the sponsoring elected official had Trump’s capacity for the fight. Thank god. We could have never gotten them done. Everyone knew if you crossed them, they would go to WAR with you and wear you down by an overwhelming onslaught, so let’s all play nice and cut the big check to keep the project on track. They were assholes, but not so bad when they are fighting on your side, have your back. Highly effective.

Trump is the meta meta version of this.

As to path or storm.

Sorry this is long:(

I think most fail to understand what is underneath on both sides and because of failures (both) to coalesce there needs well…the tendency for this set of conditions to “recruit” people from unrelated causes into the vortex of this social black hole of polarization…well, it seems disruptive.

I feel things unwinding.

But they are not unwinding only here…there is a convergence that once “lit” in some way will be sustained as a result of deep differences.

Most have said, not in my back yard and that’s been enough but like climate…a la global warming being used as a political tool to “confiscate” and the mess we are making in emergence of a new paradigm, I suspect the pent-up nature of things could spark a violent class war.

There are more assholes out there than one realises;)

It’s the youth who stand to lose and that’s where the flash point is going to be fed.

One thing has to happen first…the economy goes…without that series of events, the status quo remains in malaise.

Armstrong says “mother of all financial failures” is staging…he won’t discuss it except with clients but what we are seeing around the world is an isolated set of discontinuities…disruptions that are not linked…yet…except through an emerging battle of climate.

Some are saying that the 2020 election will be like the 60s.

If what happens with the economy exposes these deeper fault lines, then it might NOT be collegial after that with people being forced to take sides because of these deeper issues and wounds that have never really healed.

I’ve been reading some prophesies (Glenn) that are going around that give holy support to a “2nd revolutionary/civil war” and whether you or I believe them or not, I do see “uniting” factors that will fuel taking a side.

Based on everything I follow we are going into a period of “colder weather” based on thermodynamic cycles and with that, the economy, the paradigmatic shift, deep wounds people have been nursing and where the youth stand may be the extraordinary combination needed for things to “get out of hand.”

It could evolve into a kind of disobedience that has its roots in technology which could be very disruptive.

In ph, this is normal since the unpredictable nature of service up time with everything from cash in ATMs, internet access, and communications of all kinds…prevails as a way of life, but the west is not conditioned like this…

People don’t have cash, food, or water, electricity stocks and a disruption of any magnitude could send “anger” deeper in the system.

Imagine power outages, gas shortages, disruptions of the type that change the style of living—to get your attention.

Our systems “seem” pretty robust, although the lessons here in ph point to a dependency on a lot of intertwining parts all evolving as a host of technology.

Let’s watch France this next two weeks. Neither side can afford to give in…

The elements of a deeper anger fuelled by the pension crisis should have macron on his knees within two weeks…

And if they win, then a pension crisis they can’t stop emerges as Europe is upside down for decades…

Now it’s here where people are going to have to take a side.

Those liberals all laughing at trump may find themselves needing our help…Europe is trying to keep the banks from our feds repo window as we speak, the economic flashpoint is now clear as a sovereign debt crisis…why did Saudi Aramco push this IP and have convinced others in OPEC to curtail production?

It’s a big puzzle which no one can grok and if it starts to unwind… beware;)?


What strikes me…there are four meta positions on the future:

It’s going to get better
It’s going to get worse
It’s going to get better and worse
I don’t know.

It depends.

For those who can, they will. For those who can’t, they might.

The group of those who can is dwindling rapidly because of the gap one has to close with complexity.

So all of those are true for different people at the same time.

The question is, who are you are where are you in this evolutionary race…whether you like it or not, you’re in it.

I’ve tried to show @F-L-O-w how you can mitigate the gap through self-knowledge and shifting consumption to investment.

But even that requires cues, scaffolding, support and lift most won’t have, or get, in time and once you get into a hole, it’s hard to dig out.

We have poorly framed the problem. Therefore, all are true.


Perhaps we are saying similar things?


I mean: position on the future, a stance toward it…likely embedded largely in disposition and somewhat (largely) in context..

(We also know this from the iWAM concept of clock time. (?) But that is a different dimension than our qualitative sense of the future. )

But future as an abstract concept. Something past this very moment.

No doubt we all have a conceptualization around this even if it is how we feel about the next hour vs. the next 10 years.

These are some of our most important stories we tell ourselves. Eg. The optimist and pessimist tell radically different stories here.

No one is closing any gap on their own…my sense anyway…groups of people can though (family, neighborhood, city, etc). Dunbar’s number applies regardless of a future state. That is probably part of the challenge of NOW, so many perspectives on what is occurring that we need to find our tribe and lock in the defenses against the onslaught of other perspectives. Social media technology is arming the process exponentially.

My original note though below…was a reflection on how we engage our world through a meta narrative…likely deeply unconscious, not chosen. We do not chose which of those four meta positions we will hold. Much of that is context dependent. A lot of it is dispositional.

It does have vast implications. e.g. a project I am working on is focused on young black boys and men. As a group, many do not see their world getting better for them, even to the point that they do not believe they will live past 20.. Or…consumer confidence is a larger scale to this sense of future.

I suspect you need the full continuum to function as a healthy group.

Yes I track now with what you’re saying, I was/am in a different place.

Yes it’s difficult to close the gap on our own…but the gap can be known on our own and then this “radical construction” can begin with reaching out—producing anti fragility and resilience simultaneously…or so I think.


My sense — even the “gaps” are mostly socially constructed. We cannot know self or even hold a reality together outside of social relationship with other. Our brains are evolutionarily hard wired in every respect as “social animals.” This is why cultures produce such disparate understandings of a “self” and how one does or does not meet the norms of the group.

e.g. We just had a battle with our 12 year old son not wanting to go to a wrestling tournament this morning because he got his butt handed to him at the previous tournament. He is a better wrestler than 99.999% of human beings at his age but is fully vested in his understanding of himself as a wrestler based on his relationship to the 5 wrestlers he went up against last weekend. The gap is defined by his understanding of group and how he fits into it. He does not see as relevant that he is better than almost everyone else. The standard is set by what group you attune your “self” to.

There is no escaping this. Even the monk that enters a cave for 10 years would never have thought of the activity as worthwhile on his own. There is 1000 year tradition embedded in this act and the gap this monk is attempting to close is defined by the group norms.

Again, we might just be running parallel with how we think/language things. No doubt the gap arises and is “known” from within at some level. And many of us act in ways that are antithetical to group norms to fill “gaps” within oneself (e.g. intrinsic motive structures being expressed regardless).

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