2020 October

DQ-BLUE: Notes

“ This is useful.  Might be an interesting exercise to spread the motive structures across the 4 to dimensionalize a more 4-D version of each.  Or give a sense of how one starts moving toward greater and greater densities/frequencies.”

Yes that’s the plan and what I stepped into this year at GT-Y, but there is obvious benefits in discussing others.
Continued: (Split off from Enneagram)


If you’re “in” the wing, then the wing’s pattern is brightened and active

…and for motive energy it appears  to be a similar idea because ANY FOCUS of energy would block energy and information which makes a person like a Jim/Mike with a high energy profile (TRUMP) seemingly activated in a number of conflicting patterns.

I seem to remember telling Jim (as he seemed to remember) that the key to more complex work was down not up.

Everything about Jim and Mike and possibly TRUMP (although Trump is high status and J/M are not) says that:

DQBLUE has little if anything to do with J/M/T Motive profiles as we all are NOW people = EXPEDIENCE,

Low saving (>risk, high risk with LT)

Low order (novelty) Trump may have order)

The opposite of DQBLUE:




That would be the core while there of course are 1000s of variations but without those “big 3” you won’t remain with D&F in DQ Blue and with conscientiousness whose need emerges you’re success is dissipating energy poured into other pursuits because the “devil is in the details”

Bezos seems to be a GT-Y candidate and all the while/years he was being harpooned he did and said things that showed recursion and scale which can emerge from doing simple things without glitches seems to allow Amazon to scale dramatically without major hiccups which feeds the engine tge feeds the politics that “protects” the system’s scalablility, approachability, credibility and likesbility much as a WalMart.

What perplexes complexity is variability—Demings great statistical gift of QUALITY and its relationship to QUANTITY, or Density & Frequency.

ARE Gates, Buffett, Bezos, Ellison, Musk, etc. All GT-Y candidates?

I don’t know but you won’t find much entropy at DQBLUE in those systems.

The issue for me is clearly realising that order, honor, tranquility doesn’t mean the DCAB @DQ-B is the ONLY place people will be entering, AT, or exiting—REMEMBER: in terms of DYNAMIC D&F not development per Se, you don’t develop values, values develop you and that very process may shift your perspective at various VOL/T conditions.

That’s the paradox that few are going to be able to hold object IMHO, that you can be in multiple places at once—parapositional paradynamics.

SGD says that DQ-B emerged (with guilt being added to the neurology in order to contain the pugnacity of man…

Wilde(?) said civilisation is a thin veneer surrounding chaos (my words;)

DQ-B on the one hand is NOT a thin system! DQ-B like a forest must be rooted deeply so that what happens on that surface (veneer) doesn’t doom the future of the forest.


Just because you want law and order doesn’t mean you’re DQ-B!

Youth tends when not encounced in DQ-B to assume its tradition and this not necessary.

Education is being cleansed of tradition and when tradition is there it’s twisted negatively so we have all these RK ideas about, why we can’t all just get along—the pugnacity of humans is not so easily set aside or controlled!

Before this is realized, there again, are going to be a lot of dead people, just like we are seeing because of the narrow-plot-agenda-lockdown, collateral damage is being hidden from view and poverty is doubling globally as we speak and people are dropping like flies.

Now a lockdown appears to be DQ-B, but DQ-B has benefited most from the lockdown, even as willing participants, go figure.

The lockdown is an FS-GREEN phenomenon-plot globally and of all the people you would think would be strong enough to say not on my watch…because they threatened his re-election—he fell for it…as a get now CP-RED matched with get now politics—a match you’re seeing which is made in heaven—never waste a crisis!

I’m just not sure if anyone besides me is interested in watching and noticing this dance of values…and the emergent paradoxical behavior.

Notice how SWEDEN is being vilified for not locking down and how como is not vilified for his bad outcomes…at  FS-GREEN winners and losers are based on politics.

I’ll segue into FS-GREEN: notes at some point with that.