2015 April

Did you see this? How to understand someone instantly

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”



In the webinar below, if you click the link, they talk about the 4 Types of clients (Wind—Fire—Earth—Air).

Have you heard of these types of people in your studies?

Is this BS or are the types of clients similar to other assessment categories?



Hey john

I sent this out over the weekend and thought you’d find it useful. It’s about how to “synch up” with a client (or whomever you’re trying to help) so you can help them break through their challenge.

You see, while we are all unique individuals, there are four basic client types. When you get this, you understand what somebody wants, what they expect, and how they need your help. When you synch with somebody’s “type” there is no more struggle, no more resistance. Only progress. HUGE skill for coaches – or anybody who works with people.

Learn the four client types

This is for you if you:

– Are driven by a passion to help your clients
– Want a superior strategy for understanding people
– Are focused on solutions rather than problems
– Want to feel more connection to your true gifts of influence
– Want to live with more understanding and connection

This is one of our most- requested trainings, and it’s up for just a short time.

Go check it out now.

Here’s to your brilliance!

Mark & Magali Peysha


Mike’s response:

These categories are as old as the hills John and the question always remains is the grouping giving up too many benefits for simplicity?

Guess what type I am…?




4 replies on “Did you see this? How to understand someone instantly”


I would guess you are fire.
I sent this to Tim in our group and he had a response referencing your work
and use of assessments.



But because I’m a dragon, I look like fire and often act like, however if you treat me like fire you get fire, if you treat me like water, u get what you need;)

The problem with the use of assessments by coaches is to project technique into the pbc…

The purpose in coach2 is sk which means the pbc leads and you go only as fast as the pbc, NOT AT THE SPEED OF THE COACH…

Most coaches are personal trainers, not developmental coaches, there is a huge difference…

In one I pay a trainer to get me ready to do something…

In the other, I question what’s important…



The Water client focuses on his and others emotions and craves emotion.
Is that you? If so what does that look like?


Yea, you just identified why four categories has serious limitations as a model;)


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