2017 June


It will be increasingly difficult to evaluate the double-edged sword of fracture.

People grow weary of constantly having to be PC in whatever form–there is too much complexity being dumped onto the system scaffold for individuals to “bear” with limited capability–it’s easier…and perhaps healthier to opt off?

Colleges Celebrate Diversity With Separate Commencements


Ceremonies for minority, gay and lesbian, and first-generation graduates are growing in number and becoming more mainstream.

I believe that fractionalization–the need for and against–will break the back of blank slate, but not after widespread calamity.

How far would the System have to regress or degenerate to reveal the fact that we are genetically guided and without augmentation, the cul de sac @BS is all there is….



2017 May

A Brief History of Happiness: How America Lost Track of the Good Life—and Where to Find It Now

Anyone read this?

Biology can explain but not excuse our worst behavior. Testosterone may drive a vicious warlord, but social triggers shape his actions.”