2016 September

Progression or Regression

I started a new thread because of some thoughts I’ve been having regarding a broad array of things heightened by our discussions–thank you!

My thoughts last year had to do with voluntary regression–going back and creating memetic density and frequency from a prior basin of DQ-BLUE.

Specifically, the warning graves made and now confirmed that if you are going to raise kids in FS-GREEN, there are drawbacks for social order, a microcosm perhaps of the 60s when I grew “up.”;)

Different than the 60s were the numbers of “kids” with parents, mostly grandparents who had gone through the depression.

This memetic foundation of DQ-BLUE is likely to be unique in the world, leading to all sorts of benefits, along with drawbacks as the trade offs at any density and frequency are present, so FS-GREEN is not any worse than any other basin, excepting social order, IMHO.

It is the most free/liberal and least contained, although the emergence of the PC counterbalance seems interesting and clearly may be a shadow dynamic after all, as a social organizing mechanism–we are discussing that.

The reason for starting this thread is for me to have a deeper look at my own intuition about VR = Voluntary Regression which i started writing about a decade ago and followed that with the Book @F-L-O-W, which describe the mechanics of VR, although I didn’t name it as I’m doing now.

Jim’s point about regression pushing us back to segregation, et al, caught me a little bit by surprise because while I hadn’t dealt with that kind of regression in my own mind, nor did I think I was suggesting that…but in the absence of not saying it, it could be said.

Back to the jist of my own concerns about progression vs regression…and the only fear that emerges for me is one that would destroy our society or civilization, in other words non-voluntary regression.

Even with all my problems in life, I can’t say anyone has had a better life than I have, all things considered. And while it’s no earth-shattering news, I want and wish the opportunity for the kind of life I have had for others.

So for me, the things that interest me are the futures in how civilization will behave which is why I’ve tried to understand why it behaves as it does, and in that regard, I’m very thankful to share this laboratory with you!

My idea around VR and the ideas, people and behavior that might make that possible leave me often with strange bedfellows.

Trump, now Putin are what the media betray, and of course aren’t angels either, but both could be tools that may help VR, or cause NVR….

With VR–a slippery slope–we get to choose how to assimilate the core and we don’t have to regress things like YOU WILL GET WITH NVR…so for me, it was a forgone conclusion that I’m not going to give things back that make sense, including all the things that we have learned that work over time…although I might be hard pressed to–excusing some minority issues that we have lived in a gulided age.

We have and are welcoming a law and order problem as the rejection of authority is much bigger and more widespread than we think and of all the things u can say about law and order, absent that, the pugnacity of man is just out of control.

The cultural fabric that was present in the 60s to balance the resistance is no longer at a high enough density or frequency to offset widespread dissolution.

We are looking at what I believe is a widespread global social dream of anarchy.

Yet what comes after is not progression as in the 60s but regression as a dark age.

There are some that are making the case for a bifurcation that dis resembles anything any of us can imagine, and it’s not an apocalypse it’s a dark age.

While you have to come to grips with the idea that no one can do anything, I guess for me, as nonsensical as it might seem, it’s worth considering because of the nature of the social beast and a little thing called progeny.

There are so many small things that are converging along a path which to me–a few steps here and a few steps there–could be traveled and the apple cart being upset on the way.

My thought is that with the acceleration of complexity, anything that we can do to slow down or delay what may appear inevitable along this slippery slope of everything, may buy us time to consciously consider some of our behavior and actions.

It seems to me to be worthy of a discussion and of course all of us are making these little decisions–or they’re making us–everyday about what we believe about the past, present and future.




Somewhat true, but interesting nonetheless

“I try my best

To be just like I am

But everybody wants you

To be just like them.”

— Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm”