2016 May

President Obama’s Great Teflon Media Shield – WSJ

This was a key quote I should have included:

How Obama Gets Away With It

“It is amazing that the president’s dismal record is largely absent from the 2016 campaign—until you consider his PR machine.”


Most of you will have come to know Bernays

Propaganda, an influential book written by Edward L. Bernays in 1928, incorporated the literature from social science and psychological manipulationinto an examination of the techniques of public communication. Bernays wrote the book in response to the success of some of his earlier works such as Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923) and A Public Relations Counsel (1927). Propaganda explored the psychology behind manipulating masses and the ability to use symbolic action and propaganda to influence politics, effect social change, and lobby for gender and racial equality.[1] Walter Lippmanwas Bernays’ unacknowledged American mentor and his work The Phantom Public greatly influenced the ideas expressed in Propaganda a year later.[2] The work propelled Bernays into media historians’ view of him as the “father of public relations.”[3]


“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”[6]


Bernays places great importance on the ability of a propaganda producer, as he views himself, to unlock the motives behind an individual’s desires, not simply the reason an individual might offer. He argues, “Man’s thoughts and actions are compensatory substitutes for desires which he has been obliged to suppress.”[9] Bernays suggests that propaganda may become increasingly effective and influential through the discovery of audiences’ hidden motives. He asserts that the emotional response inherently present in propaganda limits the audience’s choices by creating a binary mentality, which can result in quicker, more enthused responses.[10]


What has happened memetically with OBAMA is a hybrid has formed between PROPAGANDA and RULES FOR RADICALS!

This serves the basis of faux-green, which is clearly the case because it fails to include ENOUGH of the ER-ORANGE meme to provide the economic underpinnings that are present in natural design.

Faux-green is fueled, instead by Public Funds, another moniker of FG (not FS–the nodal form of healthy GREEN, which has “organized, coordinated and integrated ER-ORANGE!)

The PUBLIC FUNDS come from the confiscation of monies garnered from “manipulation” rather than returns from proper service of the public through services.

OBAMA, et al, (OBAMA is not solely smart/wise enough) has engineered the hybrid to keep the gaga media and those forces which benefit from those outcomes clearly shunting the ire which arises from lack of presidential performance (doesn’t the buck stop with the president?–not in the FG HYBRID!).

The mere design of this system models the problem in that the hybrid FG is able to move concentration of scrutiny off of that which needs scrutiny!

In historical review of this presidency, UNLESS THE FG HYBRID remains “durable”, this may rank as one of the WORST presidencies–according to GAAP–that ever existed!

Ceteris paribus…

Income, race relations, defense, healthcare, gov debt, immigration, foreign policy, and any other measure I can think of DECLINED, rather than improved–ALL THE WHILE–maintaining favorable approval and low media scrutiny!!

Now THAT’s a set of strategies and tactics that needs to be studied!




2016 May

Team spirit | The Economist

Teaming reflects modern society @ FS-Green, and while we have a lot to learn, postmodern hierarchy (PMH) is here to stay.

We will pay a price for overdoing FS-Green, just like we are paying a price for overdoing ER-Orange and before that DQ-Blue…and so on.

Teams is no less a car wash principle than conventional hierarchy.

PMH allows teaming and recognizes a vast array of naturally-hard wired differences to evolve and self-organize within that hierarchy, or so I think.

Teams drawn without respect for natural differences is no betta than hierarchies that are dysfunctional;)