2016 February

Intuiton (N) found to correlate with higher ego development [1 Attachment]

See attached for study on whether certain personality types (namely Intuitive preference types) are more prone to ego development (higher stages of “consciousness”).

Lots to poke away at in terms of methodology but something I recall you, Mike, postulated awhile back as a pattern you saw in your data.

I wonder if this is a whole bunch of self-hugging but do suspect that a higher stage sensing type looks/feels/sounds a whole lot different than a higher stage intuitive type.  Loevenger/Cook Greuter / Torbert I’m sure were all Intuitives for example.

2016 February

The 100 Most Iconic Lines From Movie History

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”


Thought you would enjoy this video.




The 100 most iconic lines from movie history(or so they claim).

Which one rings true for you today?


Mike’s response:

John sent this and I happened to have caught the charge at the end of the light brigade and a Clark gable movie where he(playing a minister) falls in love with a circus girl…

A church scene where he states…”we shall confess our sins before God…”

Got me to thinking…

What have most of us done to replace those rituals–under any name–serve a much deeper purpose.

As I reflect back on some of the Jung quotes about the loss of a myth, I suspect that a large part of the problem is when you move developmentally from one place to another…that one doesn’t understand the value “in” what one ha left behind.

Confessing your sins is probably one of those things we may think we are above, but the benefit is primal…and therefore the loss of the myth tears holes in the fabric of our souls I suspect…even without us knowing….






2016 February

Notes from the Sovereign Man


“People won’t change until they have to and then it’s too late to change so the next generations have to adapt.”

I think change is so difficult because it requires us to go back and retire primitive or zero order beliefs (bem).

We will/can do almost anything to avoid that pain because our IDENTITY is emergent from that…and of course (absent trauma, a la phineas gage) can’t alter our intrinsic structure (now at least and yes we will be able to do gene manipulation to add empathy later Gary;).


I didn’t want to believe this but history shows otherwise and while a whole lot of people make their living convincing you that you CAN change, there are a whole lot of other people making money off the fact you don’t/won’t change;)–the old coming and going scheme called the rat race.

Most people immediately get depressed but this goes back to “don’t sweat the small stuff” at a larger perspective.

In that context, we can eek out;) very happy lives;)

What happens to most of us is that are lives are so far from happy that we preoccupy ourselves with noise so the signals of unhappiness either get blamed on other, or we drown out any reason to change our own lives with another channel’s news noise.

As far back as recorded history, people have voted themselves where they could–largess–and blamed it on the people who they elected!

The reason I wanted trump (authoritarian–most positive for climate, research shows!) is that he would REGRESS the system where all others would “progress” the system.

You can reset the system with pain and dumping political correctness for nationalism rather than where it’s headed as a one world government where the rich control even more, because that’s what the rich do.

BOTH HAVE THEIR PROBLEMS, but what I described in an earlier post where density and frequency of the other attractor basins (red, blue, orange) are waning in favor of FS-GREEN (SGD) which releases the PUGNACITY of man for opportunism, which THEN is easily advantaged by the rich who continue to give us more of what we got!

The ONLY BIG THING that I fear is a loss of social order. 

That trumps everything and we are seeding that memetically now because as the density and frequency of blue diminishes and is lost as the blue-raised boomers die off leaving the density/frequency ratios of orange and green to proliferate sideways (because in some ways we are NOT getting smarter), we will loose the fight with PUGNACITY (Durant).

Trumps plan to kick everyone illegal out, ban Muslims until we have controls and can identify radical from moderate, and build a wall, which will require a huge reinvestment in blue and it will also DISRUPT a lot of the long-standing (immigrant-related) criminal activity that will eventually seed and fuel social disorder.

This would also mean a loss of some personal freedoms but no more than what we are giving up indirectly anyway because of the disruption of society trying to “pickoff” the exceptions.

It would also strengthen the USA against the invasion that is occurring by…(the bugs)…most people don’t know that the epidemic cycle is also gaining momentum also.

So while trump is a clod, what would happen would be good for the country and the world, it would also stop socialism as an extension of the current paradigm which will be the thing (and is) coopted for the emergence of social DISORDER; the only thing to fear, aside from the nuts who have nukes…and a reinvestment in blue (a lot of jobs…albeit with inherent problems) would deter most…which is what Blue does (oversimplified).

And we have the opportunity for a more sophisticated blue density coming back out of ER-ORANGE and FS-GREEN would should “sophisticate” along with technology the lateral complexity required for fairness (hope).

There is not enough yellow (second tier) yet because we are still creating green problems;)

Just some thoughts to chew on.

No candidate or solution comes without inherent problems, however aside from the problems of each choosing us, I prefer certain kinds of problems versus others and too much freedom is going to kill us, me, you and everyone else…because ANY SOLUTION which fails to account for human nature as it is versus how we would like it to be, is creating solution resistance at more complex levels.


Until you get down to zero order beliefs and rebuild there we are t going anywhere but sideways;)