2016 November


I’m flying to Davao to see Duterte!

Actually not, just visiting a pending office for IT’s NOT so much fun in the Philippines! (Anymore) hehe

I just noticed this on the plane.

2016 November

U.S. Economic Confidence Surges After Election

Confidence is the main thing because it causes us to behave in “anticipation” (not reality) of future events.

When I suggested that Obama s presidency would be good because he would cheerlead us through difficult times, it turns out, I was partially right, but the problem with cheering on a team that’s losing is that you still lose (metaphorically allow my liberal interpretation).

I wrote about “optimism” early after the election as others describe all other than emotions…and the fact that what buoyed Obama behind the scenes was the energy miracle in the US which has waned as of late.

Another miracle is also happening and it has to do with this simple idea that TRUMP rode to the whitehouse (he hasn’t been assassinated yet) and it’s also an “ego complex” associated with confidence and greatness, much like the ego complex that is employed by blank slate to drive consumption!

These work and while at least 1/2 are resisting, there is a “majority” that is hoping under their breath and behind closed doors that this “maniac” can pull it off–a miracle in the making–and it’s nothing more than confidence–a “can do” vs “don’t do” PC orientation.

A major cultural shift or let’s say realignment where ER-ORANGE is disdained by the vocal electorate in their faux-Green mode of PC–full rejection of outright materialism is held in effigy–density and frequency in a “business” (not Corporate) engine fits with the entrepreneurial shadow of the current USA and emerging markets mindset.

The issue still remains rooted in DQ-BLUE whose light density around the world will offer opportunism a grand stage in all its social forms.

Optimism is a strange bedfellow and while the Dog TRUMP painted the picture of glass half full, optimism is the “gurl that brung him.”

Confidence is burgeoning everywhere because of the energy of eight (enneagram) and while the left will be drug along kicking and screaming, the “miracle” is again at our doorstep to fend off the long cycle reset, 2018 is going to be a tipping point.



2016 November

The Protests

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

A colleague sent me this.  I don’t know where it’s from.

Can anyone help me here?  Is there something I haven’t read about this?  On what grounds are people protesting the election?  On what grounds are they saying Trump is not their president?  I always prefer understanding the other side, but I can’t get to the other side on this.  One of the few clear things to me about this election is that Trump won.


Mike’s response:


2016 November

Presumption of good faith…

Something stuck me when the President spoke today…he said something like the “presumption of good faith” is key to… the success of our democracy…” (paraphrased)

I recognized my system was having an immune response…probably triggered from my perspective on my experience (certainly not just knowledge and skills;) the past 15 years abroad…because the “presumption of good faith” cost me dearly and continues to have high personal costs today.

In reality, people do not act in good faith wholly, but as a recognition of good faith as it relates to their self-interests.

Let me explain.

I believe “that” form (presumption of good faith) of optimism is “probably” wired in to me (as an optimist) and belongs mostly to optimists and the memetic structure emergent from optimism.

So in spite of my KSEs and in full view of reality, I continue to hold to the non sense of those hardwired beliefs, EVEN in the face of high costs in personal, professional, business, and network design.

However, in reality, I challenge the president’s use and validation of the meme, as its stated and probably intended, as true in reality, both from the standpoint of success or democracy.

From how it’s intended by him, as both an optimist and one who “may” hold the interests of others, as self interest, I want to not make him wrong, but incomplete, as I show how vertical complexity must enter our realm of leadership, both in terms of how we make meaning and sense, but how we metalead.

First of all, the vote proved yesterday we have a republic, not a democracy, which I’m clearly in favor of noting and reaffirming to myself, as a nuance and metadesign element.

Second, a presumption of good faith must be “earned” as freedom is, rather than conferred by optimism.


A presumption of good faith needs to be defined as a presumption of good faith where good people will penultimately act in their own (good) best interests, and that is not bad, but essentially good, even though, it’s not politically correct!

I’m 100% sure, that the president did not mean it that way, which to me, continues to show inefficient, ineffective, and unsustainable metadesign, although it was meant as gracious and generous.


I think this is part of the problem at FS-GREEN*, that will emerge “differently” at GT-YELLOW*, as a focus on the express self system at the core of GT-YELLOW* coalesces out of the “sacrifice of self” (other) system present in the exiting system of FS-GREEN.

(TRUMP is not what I refer to as having “necessary, nor sufficient density and frequency in GT-YELLOW, but a perturber/disrupter whose core in ER-ORANGE, will regress the system back out of FS-GREEN cul de sac that had formed, AND allow for the block that remained as a result of FS-GREEN density and frequency in the system to be challenged from less complex memes held mostly in the electorate rather than the elite to interrupt the harmonic resonance that is holding the country hostage to the elite presence in FS-GREEN….whew!)

GT-YELLOW is also the first time we will see a conscious metasystematic approach to understanding broadly how the world works; with conscious metadesign at the core rather than bolted on, as symbiont or scaffolding.

I think also because of this emergent phenomena I’m describing as occurring naturally as GT-YELLOW accumulates density and frequency in people and social interaction–which is capacity-wise–also the signal of the first time that people in general will not be able to participate in the metadesign work…as 2nd Tier unfolds in the surgent renaissance of the new world of technology, finance, biology and body politick which will NOT be democratized; although in service of the masses.

(Which is why a regression is/was required and was the only possibility. Regression is usually emergent by default, not volition and you can argue both ways based on what happened in the US election of 2016. We are lucky (some might eventually believe that the regression out of “elite” FS-GREEN is fortunate, rather than being forced by default through large economic, social and political dysfunction, a rare phenomena colluded to produce a regression without the normal entrapment!)

A basic assumption (sorry it took so long to get here): Is that the “assumptions” of a previous (less complex) basin of memes–such as, a presumption of good faith–without a clear distinction based on a renewal of self-interest, will continue and has  blocked the emergence of more vertical–hierarchically complex–metadesign to serve out of those self interests, for those interests, which are in ALL OF OUR INTERESTS, is good.

[For the hard core, or curious, write me for the short 3 min video I made from comments in the movie THE BEAUTIFUL MIND, which showed this nuance in another way using Adam Smith.)

IF, you can grok this nuance of why a presumption of good faith is not that people will act in the interests of others EXCEPT when hardwiring dictates, but that underlying the action of a presumption of good faith @F-L-O-W means that “good faith” is not only a communal expectation for some, but personal in nature, and different; thus MUST include self-interest in the notion of good faith where it will not be in the interests of the whole but part, and still remain “good and true.”

Redefining “goodness” and removing what most likely is the politically correct (PC) sense making, that at the heart of our behavior or beliefs are those self-interests which may be wholly such, even as “some” hold the interests of others and the whole, as self-interest.

(I’m sorry this reads like mud, and I’ve done my best to explain it for you, yet I can’t understand it for you; channeling Mayor Koch.)

It will probably require others to help make this ordering of complexity real for those who are serious about what is required to organize, coordinate and integrate the less complex order into the more complex order, I’ve introduced.)

While it’s NOT PC to hold this belief I’ve shared, IMHO it allows more efficient, effective and sustainable metadesign in the face of emergent metadiversity.

*FS-GREEN, GT-YELLOW, and ER-ORANGE are notation used from a combinatorial approach derived from the research of Dr. Clare W. Graves and Dr. Don Beck in Spiral Dynamics®, which i have for my own practical purposes labeled as SPIRAL GRAVESIAN DYNAMICS, or SGD, for short,

SGD is defined as a metasystem for organizing, coordinating and integrating orders of memes into networked hierarchical artifacts, values and beliefs, emerging in people and society, through technology, which have bio, psycho, social, economic and technological developmental consequences.

“Graves’ work observes that the emergence within humans of new bio-psycho-social systems in response to the interplay of external conditions with neurology follows a hierarchy in several dimensions, though without guarantees as to time lines or even direction: both progression and regression are possibilities in his model.

Furthermore, each level in the hierarchy alternates as the human is either trying to make the environment adapt to the self, or the human is adapting the self to the existential conditions. He called these ‘express self’ and ‘deny self’ systems, and the swing between them is the cyclic aspect of his theory. Graves saw this process of stable plateaus interspersed with change intervals as never ending, up to the limits of the brain of Homo sapiens, something he viewed as far greater than we have yet imagined.”



2016 November

Nationalism vs. Globalism, not Globalization vs. Isolation – Trends Magazine

I don’t have the subscription to this anymore but this context frames the debate well, IMHO

“To understand this, consider their underlying values and assumptions:1

  • For multicultural globalists, national boundaries are increasingly perceived as being obsolete and perhaps even immoral. According to this emerging progressive orthodoxy, national identities are meaningless.  What counts are subnational identities like race, gender, and orientation, as well as supranational “citizenship of the world.”  Progressive pundits and journalists increasingly speak a dialect of globalism.  And they imply that it is unjust to discriminate in favor of one’s fellow nationals against citizens of foreign countries.
  • Nationalists, on the other hand, value patriotism, borders, language, and culture as defined by the nation-state. In Europe, the concept is ethnically specific; that is, it’s important whether you’re Dutch, Spanish, German, French, Swiss, or English.  In the United States, nationalism is more reflective of a desire to return to a mass consensus about what it means to be American, much as it existed in the 1950s.

These differences in assumptions lead to stark differences in public policy choices. The globalist platform includes:2

  • Open borders
  • Unfettered consumerism
  • Feminism
  • Secularism
  • Global solutions for local problems
  • Ceding national sovereignty to multinational institutions
  • Centralization
  • Collectivization
  • An unarmed populace
  • Encouragement of multiculturalism, diversity, and egalitarianism

For globally-minded progressives, the mere well-being of American workers is not a good enough reason to oppose immigration or trade liberalization…”


It has appeared IMHO, that globalization fit with the second tier memes, and to me, it’s becoming clear, globalization, in its current form, is only framed out of 1st tier values–FS-GREEN being the remaining part of the globalization 1st tier puzzle.

It’s VERY INTERESTING TO ME, having said that…according to SGD, GT-YELLOW is a hierarchically more complex form of AN-BEIGE, which would be a form of “survival” at the global level (perhaps), but it’s hard to relate that to the current haves-havenots polarization emerging from the exiting first tier puzzle.

I don’t believe GT-YELLOW would “produce” the inherent conflict that is emergent from the evolution of the problems in the completion of first tier, but it’s interesting to see what’s taking place.



2016 October


“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

Not so sure climate change is a big issue anymore.  Bigger things to be concerned robots taking over the world.  Fracking is a good thing.  When asked why he changed his “super green tune” so much from 8 years ago, when the same guy interviewed him?  He is now 97 and was 88 the last time they spoke.  He said, “we all grow up a bit with time.”  J

Brian Brittain

Mike’s response:

When you look at the burden of bias we carry and realize that machine learning absolves most of that through good AI, Lovelock is onto the central theme and double-edged sword of not just robots but the freedom of evolution that AI is not burdened with because of born-in-bias.


2016 October

Cam Newton: T-shirt with MLK quote was ‘fitting for what was going on

Cam Newton: T-shirt with MLK quote was ‘fitting for what was going on’
Cam Newton says he wore an MLK T-shirt to “bring awareness to everyone” and hinted that he may continue the message this week.
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The quote said in all capital letters: “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.” MLK

I caught this today during the ball games…

When I first saw the quote, it made sense at one level, but at other levels, it just didn’t sit right–I felt an immune response–as would natural when you know I’m cored at CP-RED.

The quote said in all capital letters: “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.” MLK

It just doesn’t make sense–and I know I’m asking for trouble, but this is a typical FS-GREEN meme–they don’t have to make sense. They are affiliative in nature and logic is not a requirement.

Now with Jim’s influence, I now believe it doesn’t make this zero sum in my mind anymore, but to suggest that there will Justice ANYWHERE is an illusion–a metaphoric rhetorical–I imagine;)

One might think that MLK was blue, but from everything I’ve seen and heard, he was FS-GREEN, which is likely why he was killed at the time because of how FS-GREEN derives social power–it’s very scary to those who can’t understand social reverence.

I thought it was interesting to view it this way and wanted to share these thoughts because SO MANY PEOPLE are really confused right now about what is taking place and those who are FS-GREEN at any level are struggling with their memetic counterparts as all the basins seek to cope with accelerating complexity.

Imagine trying to practically create justice across the board–what would we do with the mechanism of trade offs, if we had to gauge everything by equal justice?

Our own motive structure would disable itself in the paralysis!

While it does make sense at some level, it gets us into the fairness = same delusion, and down the rabbit hole it all goes.

The slippery slope is so wide and so steep that we have to be careful what we wish for…now I’m back to guarding asymmetry again;)



2016 October

Obama’s Favored Tactics of War…

Barack Obama has claimed that drone and other airstrikes, his favored tactics of war, have killed between 64 and 116 civilians during his administration, a tally which was criticized as undercounted even before Friday’s announcement.”

“To critics, the secrecy has for years permitted Obama to conceal the damage in human lives inflicted by what he calls “targeted killing”, insulating him politically from the consequences of lethal decisions that the president has decided can occur anywhere on earth for an indefinite duration.”



2016 September

Progression or Regression

I started a new thread because of some thoughts I’ve been having regarding a broad array of things heightened by our discussions–thank you!

My thoughts last year had to do with voluntary regression–going back and creating memetic density and frequency from a prior basin of DQ-BLUE.

Specifically, the warning graves made and now confirmed that if you are going to raise kids in FS-GREEN, there are drawbacks for social order, a microcosm perhaps of the 60s when I grew “up.”;)

Different than the 60s were the numbers of “kids” with parents, mostly grandparents who had gone through the depression.

This memetic foundation of DQ-BLUE is likely to be unique in the world, leading to all sorts of benefits, along with drawbacks as the trade offs at any density and frequency are present, so FS-GREEN is not any worse than any other basin, excepting social order, IMHO.

It is the most free/liberal and least contained, although the emergence of the PC counterbalance seems interesting and clearly may be a shadow dynamic after all, as a social organizing mechanism–we are discussing that.

The reason for starting this thread is for me to have a deeper look at my own intuition about VR = Voluntary Regression which i started writing about a decade ago and followed that with the Book @F-L-O-W, which describe the mechanics of VR, although I didn’t name it as I’m doing now.

Jim’s point about regression pushing us back to segregation, et al, caught me a little bit by surprise because while I hadn’t dealt with that kind of regression in my own mind, nor did I think I was suggesting that…but in the absence of not saying it, it could be said.

Back to the jist of my own concerns about progression vs regression…and the only fear that emerges for me is one that would destroy our society or civilization, in other words non-voluntary regression.

Even with all my problems in life, I can’t say anyone has had a better life than I have, all things considered. And while it’s no earth-shattering news, I want and wish the opportunity for the kind of life I have had for others.

So for me, the things that interest me are the futures in how civilization will behave which is why I’ve tried to understand why it behaves as it does, and in that regard, I’m very thankful to share this laboratory with you!

My idea around VR and the ideas, people and behavior that might make that possible leave me often with strange bedfellows.

Trump, now Putin are what the media betray, and of course aren’t angels either, but both could be tools that may help VR, or cause NVR….

With VR–a slippery slope–we get to choose how to assimilate the core and we don’t have to regress things like YOU WILL GET WITH NVR…so for me, it was a forgone conclusion that I’m not going to give things back that make sense, including all the things that we have learned that work over time…although I might be hard pressed to–excusing some minority issues that we have lived in a gulided age.

We have and are welcoming a law and order problem as the rejection of authority is much bigger and more widespread than we think and of all the things u can say about law and order, absent that, the pugnacity of man is just out of control.

The cultural fabric that was present in the 60s to balance the resistance is no longer at a high enough density or frequency to offset widespread dissolution.

We are looking at what I believe is a widespread global social dream of anarchy.

Yet what comes after is not progression as in the 60s but regression as a dark age.

There are some that are making the case for a bifurcation that dis resembles anything any of us can imagine, and it’s not an apocalypse it’s a dark age.

While you have to come to grips with the idea that no one can do anything, I guess for me, as nonsensical as it might seem, it’s worth considering because of the nature of the social beast and a little thing called progeny.

There are so many small things that are converging along a path which to me–a few steps here and a few steps there–could be traveled and the apple cart being upset on the way.

My thought is that with the acceleration of complexity, anything that we can do to slow down or delay what may appear inevitable along this slippery slope of everything, may buy us time to consciously consider some of our behavior and actions.

It seems to me to be worthy of a discussion and of course all of us are making these little decisions–or they’re making us–everyday about what we believe about the past, present and future.




Somewhat true, but interesting nonetheless

“I try my best

To be just like I am

But everybody wants you

To be just like them.”

— Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm”