2020 June


What most don’t know is it’s easily discernible because of the oddity that emerges in conceptual space.

Graves noted that there was a “significant difference” in conceptual space (my words) between BO-PURPLE and CP-RED…

Which is why I shifted the chords he thought recurring as octaves in music.

When that is done in ValuDYNAMICS you get first tier lining up with social motives (McClelland) and the AN-BEIGE TO GT-YELLOW recursion switches to CP-RED to GT-YELLOW; an alternate reality difference.

Any core attractor can hybridise and meme generated by stripping out and off parts of the meme…

Which gets you Faux Green from ANY core basin which we have now BUT…

With the caveat I noted, faux greeen from purple is easily discerned as non-sensical much as you would see faux orange or faux blue.

Michael Moore’s film notes how faux green from ER-ORANGE works but as Jim noted—abd we have discussed—faux green emergent from DQ-BLUE is a whole other cat.

As in BO-P; DQ-B are cool and sacrifice of self systems and this are an easier hybrid to make which hides in the cool, communal, sacrifice of self continuum.

However, as there is a lot of faux green from purple in developing countries, it’s easily recognised as it appears non-sensual…

Fall in love, eating tuna and save the planet…as a real example (paraphrased).

There are a lot of faux purple emerging out of faux green pretending to be turquoise…

I wrote up a piece on that but never published it.

Gary where did we put that piece?

FS-GREEN contains the majority of the “spiritual” wave and coincides nicely with the post conventional leaning of what the SCT-community refers to now as

(Old- )


The reason for mentioning this is to give you bread crumbs;)

How many of the people you see posting stuff are self-questioning?

FS-GREEN in the area of ego complexity has reached a stage of where the inquiry into self is occurring, often fuelled by SELF-DOUBT, which is motivated by ACCEPTANCE…ironically…and the social motive of AFFILIATION…which also fits very well.

So why am I always picking on and pointing out FS-GREEN?

It’s not FS-GREEN that’s the issue per se, but paradoxically, it has—one would expect—been co-opted and is being canabalized by its shadow dynamics which—all of which—is easily available to the masses which makes it so easy to feel—as it emerges from feeling.

Bevause FS-GREEN is peaking, the optimism number of memes in that basin are available for hybridisation and because the “rationale” is through values, and NOT LOGIC, it is on steroids right now as anyone, anywhere who has any kind of believe about their “beef” is ON—remember Independence Day movie when the mother ship got within range, everything automatically turned on?

Remember the conceptual space is much larger in FS-GREEN and therefore the surface area for memetic attraction is huge across a very large spectrum and so you get every basin including everything from BO-P to GT-Y generating hybrids in a VUCA environment.

Also like to point out that conditions are WAY out of control with connectivity producing millions of experts now all talking amongst themselves and all of the rest of the connected world.

Anyone who subconsciously doesn’t understand where their “beef” is is now fair game and one thing you want to note—there is a reason why people protest and lose the cloak of reason as protesting is good, Affiliative—Anonymous—and no one usually gets into trouble!

It’s not ok to go to baseball game but it’s ok to protest!

There is your FS-GREEN logic.

Sorry for the long answer, I’m still affected by my lost answer to Jim and all that is leaking out;)