Amazon on the Bubble

Back a number of years ago I passed along the now infamous GOOGLEZON video and I wish this was another one, but it’s not;)

It is however an interesting letter from the glass have empty side of things which has some important points, one about “timing of innovation that I think is interesting to our discussion about the unfolding of futures.

In fact, based on the true facts of the Amazon e-commerce juggernaut, I think Bezos’ assault on the brick-and-mortar sector would be far less menacing and reckless in that scenario. And that’s giving full credit to the fact that online shopping and nearly instant delivery of goods is an enormous consumer boon that would be making great inroads even in an honest free market.

But it wouldn’t happen nearly as rapidly or disruptively, because Amazon would be required to post a reasonable profit. And its stock price would reflect that reality, instead of riding the ridiculously false highs of Bubble Finance.”

This is an interesting point to validate a theme I tried to uncover @F-L-O-W, that it is the speed at which things are happening that is causing the problem, that the disruption per se.

Before I left the USA, Amazon was on a hiring binge around the country, so as these stores close, there will be work right behind them, but…

Me thinks that work that took a previous generation or two to build will be wiped out in the disruption and my guess is Amazon is not going to be hiring 45-55 year olds, the last of the boomers born around ’64or so.

I think stockman’ point about how Amazon and others have done what they have done at the speed at which it’s happens is where an issue lies in explaining and the only way to have stopped it would have been less freedom…go figure.

It’s worth reading because it’s helps us understand the “great polarity”…that’s what I’m calling what’s happening now–akin to times in the past where great forces have emerged and placed the world in tension between two poles of paradox where both are true.

This is not some ER-ORANGE runaway capitalism deep down, or a CP-RED opportunism vs. DQ-BLUE governance gambit…or less about FS-GREEN Equality and justice…no this is a great polarity, akin to a CIVIL WAR of the world’s where each side is being further sucked into the opposing black hole of values conflict, where like the generals of the civil war in the USA graduated from the same schools and were members of the same fraternity–forced now to fight against each other polarity!

Things around the world are being sucked into the black holes of this great polarity identified by good and evil, black and white, either/or, hot and cold and the splitting of veneers which have made the kalidescope of unfolding change.

THESE ARE THE EMERGING CONDITIONS which will create the momentous leap but in the process, the transition is going to be ugly, slipshod and disruptive among our wildest dreams, and worse, it might span two decades…ahhh that we have enjoyed so much, and paid so little, might finally find ourselves on our knees is the great irony after all;)