2016 October

Cam Newton: T-shirt with MLK quote was ‘fitting for what was going on

Cam Newton: T-shirt with MLK quote was ‘fitting for what was going on’
Cam Newton says he wore an MLK T-shirt to “bring awareness to everyone” and hinted that he may continue the message this week.
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The quote said in all capital letters: “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.” MLK

I caught this today during the ball games…

When I first saw the quote, it made sense at one level, but at other levels, it just didn’t sit right–I felt an immune response–as would natural when you know I’m cored at CP-RED.

The quote said in all capital letters: “INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE.” MLK

It just doesn’t make sense–and I know I’m asking for trouble, but this is a typical FS-GREEN meme–they don’t have to make sense. They are affiliative in nature and logic is not a requirement.

Now with Jim’s influence, I now believe it doesn’t make this zero sum in my mind anymore, but to suggest that there will Justice ANYWHERE is an illusion–a metaphoric rhetorical–I imagine;)

One might think that MLK was blue, but from everything I’ve seen and heard, he was FS-GREEN, which is likely why he was killed at the time because of how FS-GREEN derives social power–it’s very scary to those who can’t understand social reverence.

I thought it was interesting to view it this way and wanted to share these thoughts because SO MANY PEOPLE are really confused right now about what is taking place and those who are FS-GREEN at any level are struggling with their memetic counterparts as all the basins seek to cope with accelerating complexity.

Imagine trying to practically create justice across the board–what would we do with the mechanism of trade offs, if we had to gauge everything by equal justice?

Our own motive structure would disable itself in the paralysis!

While it does make sense at some level, it gets us into the fairness = same delusion, and down the rabbit hole it all goes.

The slippery slope is so wide and so steep that we have to be careful what we wish for…now I’m back to guarding asymmetry again;)



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I appreciate your point about trade offs – whenever I try to figure that out I get to brain explosion fairly quickly.

Would you talk more about “how FS-GREEN derives social power–it’s very scary to those who can’t understand social reverence.”



“…would you talk more about “how FS-GREEN derives social power–it’s very scary to those who can’t understand social reverence.”

My ideas are pretty simple and I admit that it’s not so simple if ur missing pieces of the puzzle.

In short, there was a convergence of social motives (mcClelland) and Graves “categories” easily identified in a matrix of express self and sacrifice self “now” and “to get later”.

FS-GREEN is formed through the social construct of affiliation, belonging, relationship, acceptance, interdependence to name some of the parts.
(Sacrifice self to get now)

Thus you get emergent social power and along with it social reverence, or PC, which is why PC works and is a choice emergent from the core motives as a composite of affiliation, IMHO.

CP-RED matches Power (individual/position/might)
(Express Self to get now)
DQ-BLUE matches Avoidance
(Sacrifice self to get later)

ER-ORANGE matches Achievement
(Express self to get later)



Now we’re talkin’!!! Find THAT gear! 🙂 This makes sense and puts the nub on the power and peril of FS-GREEN.


Hehe, thanks for the reinforcement, I have no idea what I did differently but I’m happy about it anyway:)


When claiming injustice, it would seem that you also really need to define your terms or specifically what you believe to be unjust. It will expose your values and perspective quickly, clearly.

And if you are primed for it, expect to find injustice, you will.

For example our 3rd child, if hungry (his priming mechanism), sees rampant pervasive injustice in everything, the world is unfair, his parents are unfair, he turns into a little monster. We clamp him down in a chair and get food in him of any kind, one to two minutes later he is back to his cheery self. Prior to food intake, nothing we can do will dissuade him from his perspective of the utter unfairness/awfulness of everyone and everything.

Or if I look for it, I could make a devastating case that every time I spend a nickel on something that is not essential to my and my families survival is unjust (unethical), given that those resources could be used to literally save lives.

I think what is getting exposed is that the cultural game happening in most developing countries is an all-out values war. Whose values will prevail to the point to allow for social, political and legal allocation of societal resources, decisions and structures? That is what is occurring.

The quote also presumes that justice is an objective standard vs a subjective value. Take most controversial societal decisions and you can make the case for and against it as a just decision depending on your values and where you sit in the societal/culture fabric.

I am not arguing that on the continuum of values many things are not quite clear or have wide scale consensus. E.g. societal definition of child abuse. But even there, every community / state in the US, for example, has different definitions of what child abuse consists of and then very different enforcement protocols.

These differences span a wide range across the world. E.g. My sense of the horror/injustice in the recent “honor killings” in Pakistan.

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