2015 December

Business Maturation Models

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

Thank you Mike for unpacking your thinking on this and sharing your model. This is gold.

What pulled me into Adizes’ work is his business maturation model, which I’ve been thinking more about lately as I finetune how I provide value and to whom and how to generate ongoing income for the family.  The Adizes model stages of go-go into adolescence and into prime describe a pattern of business growth and maturation that hold opportunity for me.  I’ve witnessed those changes first hand more than once. Locally, increased investments and incubators are now generating some ‘winners’ making their way into go-go stage, where there used to be very little mid-market.  A number of signals point to this investment trend continuing– a governor stumping on a position of investing in innovation and growth within state borders, a growing pool of entrepreneur talent through university training and relocations of silicon valley folks to this area for “improved quality of life”, a growing track record of well-publicized successful  exits, and plentiful private investment dollars feeding the system.  I see the opportunity, I have a rep and track record, steadily growing connections, so now it’s a matter of matching value to need with language that activates the meaning making of those who hold the purse strings in the growth business space.

Back to the model.  This is Adizes’:

As usual, Mike, your version is more complex than the alternatives.  Mike, would you mind expounding on your model a bit?  What is the E/S line and what is the relationship between that and “2nd tier mastery”?  Also, you include a double-arrowed bracket with coaching along the left side of the trajectory.  What value does that add to the model in your sense?




Mike’s response:

E/S line (B/I leap)


Clearly some of the employed become entrepreneurs creating a low-paying job as a self-employed person.

Coaching is done on levels hence the elevator moving among floors–identifying where people are and what is the next step!



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