2015 June

Britain Headed Back to a Mini Ice Age

Some of us have been on this band wagon for some time…its cost less energy to go from 85 to 70, then from 20-50 to 70…

Sun cycles are by FAR more important than   CO2…animals and humans produce more CO2 than most else…

If we don’t get cooling the methane trapped will cripple the system anyway…nature is smart…

We are focused on the WRONG things as always…IMHO


Britain Headed Back to a Mini Ice Age

by Martin Armstrong

We have been warning that the danger is by no means Global Warming, but Global Cooling. The energy output of the Sun has turned down. Now real scientists are warning that what we have reported is crashing rapidly. The collapse in the energy output of the Sun is so intense, Climate experts are now warning that the […]

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