2016 June

Brexit or Not: The Future of the European Union” /sgd/fracture

“The debate over a British exit reflects growing nationalist sentiment throughout Europe that Stratfor predicts will lead to ongoing European fragmentation and more challenges to come.”


Here is something that reminded me why forced integration doesn’t produce assimilation.

For those of you versed in the Jay-form of SGD (spiral gravesian dynamics), you would understand two things:

“People can’t be until they are and people have a right to be who they are.” – Dr. Clare W. Graves

The paradox of SGD is that psychological life “can” unfold as a progression through a network of increasingly more complex bio-psycho-social, and economic behaviors, and often does where cued, supported and scaffolded–at the surface–for most people in a bell curve world….

With 68% generally following the progression another 17% on board but prepared to step off at any given time and the other 15% enjoying liberty to come and go, and innovate as necessary to fuel the progression (the outliers).

Now you won’t find any research around that but extending the notion that Graves juried panels found that about 60+% could be accounted for through “4” psychological systems marked by a matrix of self/other expression guided by the ability to postpone gratification denoted by COLOR and Gravesian Notation (where the conditions were matched with behaviors):

CP-Red: express self to get now
DQ-Blue: sacrifice self to get later
ER-Orange: express self to get later
FS-Green: sacrifice self to get now

The remaining self-reports of a “mature adult personality” were not classified by those 4 psychologies and without being there or reviewing the research, I guesstimate they are hybrids, outliers and deviants, as noted in my bell curve summation above.

The research led to the addition of a “survival” system not present at “college” but resident in places around the world as Graves noted those people in Mindanao of the Philippines whose isolation had guarded them against memetic integration = AN-Beige.

Another system call BO-Purple may represent most of the developing world and skew the bell curve unless one understands a simple fact that Graves noted in basal intelligence denoting that a significant intellectual distance lies between the psychology of BO and CP, and in my SGD opinion denotes the presence of a different bell curve where 68+% can be described by Purple Psychology and the 17% is transforming out of hybrid survival, and 15% is categorized as a transitionary hybrid both having the intellectual potential and the memetic potential to serve as guides for the remaining 85%, so there is a different kind of psychological progression that you would find in the next tier.

While a third tier is emerging, the requirements for intellect of >120, or metasystematic reasoning (commons, et al) place all but the content, context, and conditions of that tier (code, culture and core) out of reach for those in the progressive or conventional-modern tier, and far from the reach of those in the pre-conventional tier to which more than 4 billion are members.

While this form of classification is denied by those in the conventional-modern tier, it is nonetheless responsible for the lack of assimilation between pre conventional and conventional-modern psychology.

While a solid matrix is forming to provide the scaffolding of preconvention to convention to modern; remembering that even “YOU” can’t be until you are, answers the simple question of why fractionalization rather than integration will continue at a more rapid if not accelerating pace to match life on the ground.

In modem psychology, only “indirect” classification can be used to explain integration “issues” because the veil of equality seeks to coverup what are clearly differences in code, culture and core attributes.

The moot attempt to smash code, culture and core into a single crucible has led to the fracturing of integrative efforts because of a bias brought about by notions of equality justice and fairness–all artifacts–of a single psychology now dominant in developed countries, save Singapore.

Refusing to see people as different with differing content, context and conditions has set in motion a great reckoning which constitutes at worst a serious decline in global population, and at best a fracturing of the world order (matrix) dreamed by the elite.

It’s going to be easy to explain why under global duress emerging from the credit cycle, that the catalyst for fracturing the world rather than integrating it will emerge as the test for humanity and the “great society.”

There is an important final notion:

In SGD, a new system of psychology begins to brighten when the solutions (offered by the previous systems) to problems of the prior system, create the content, context and conditions of the new code to emerge + potential.

What we are seeing now, is a regression because the best of us (wrongly) were allowed (unconsciously) to guide the formation of a societal matrix that grew beyond its potential, now weaning the vast majority of those who are absent that potential and who were scaffolded and educated “beyond” their core intelligences into what is now a vulnerable place for their psychology and society at large.

Surprises have already dominated the last two decades and more are on the way because the predictive power emerges from the lack of paradox, not the increasing presence.

Without potential, and a weaker scaffold, fragility increases and the numbers of people scrambling at the tipping point will increase fractionalization rather than integration.

The resulting period of disintegration will regress the majority back to stable ground and amplify the current discord as people search for a way home.

As pandora’s hybrid box gets torn open, there is a coming free-for-all probability arising that may dislodge modern living, if not making it much more difficult to maintain.

In the meantime, the assuages of political correctness will be replaced by the self-protection emergent from global stress and realignment.

Assimilation between the tiers of potential is ONLY possible when:

“People can’t be until they are and people have a right to be who they are.” – Dr. Clare W. Graves

That is not a widely held meme.


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