2015 January

Breaking News: Prominent Mormon Faces Excommunication for Backing Gay Marriage

Prominent Mormon Faces Excommunication for Backing Gay Marriage

The Mormon Church has moved to excommunicate the prominent Utah-based founder of an online forum for critical or doubting Mormons, charging him with apostasy for supporting same-sex marriage and the ordination of women and for questioning church teaching.

John P. Dehlin, host of the Mormon Stories website and podcast — a hub of discussion for thousands of disaffected Mormons — said his regional church leader had scheduled a disciplinary hearing on Jan. 25. Mr. Dehlin said he would be excommunicated if he refused to take down podcasts that are critical of the church and to disavow his support for women’s ordination and gay marriage.

“I would prefer for them to leave me alone,” he said in an interview, “but if given the choice between denying my conscience and facing excommunication, I’d much rather be excommunicated.”


This is interesting at the metalevel because MOST religions/laws are forced into boundaries, UNLIKE the long tail of secularism…

I wonder if the framers of the declaration…realized they were seeding secularism into the future by offering people the “pursuit of liberty…”

once a religion/law is framed, then the boundaries are fixed, and although somewhat interpretative or plastic, always face the issue of how far the boundaries can be stretched, and in order to retain the integrity of the pledge to control pugnacity, we find religions and laws boxed in…with no place to go, but to protect the boundary….

a few types of people can’t see the metalevel and thus their actions place them in an untenable position via the religion/law…

its an interesting set of idea that force us to consider the morality as being “different” rather than moral…



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