2016 August

Bookmarking the times…

Since no one responded, I’m free to continue my pontification.

In the archives of this list, I’ve spoken a lot about why coming nodal green has triggered the exit from FS-GREEN. I remember Graves either saying or writing that “FS” would be the shortest duration system.

The general oversimplified way that the system unfolds (read either the 1974 Futurist Article, or 1981 summary);

A system coalesces density and frequency as it enters, becomes stable (durable = dense and frequent) and nodal, then-because it satisfies very specific problems, remains active as the problems of the solution actually open the door to evolution of a new system which solves more problems than it creates (when the system starts creating more problems than it solves, this is the sign of evolution and a new system is coming).

Now, the difference between the Jay Approach and the Beck approach has to do with individual motives being present and durable (genetically hard wired) which cause each of us to prefer behavior influenced by values in a particular system where the core is:

Pre-individual (AN-BEIGE, BO-Purple)





*Post-Individual (GT-YELLOW, HU-TURQUOISE)

*in large part you can dismiss most of the post-individual behavior for individuals because as of now, few (1%) have that potential (1.5 million? = 1% X 1.5 billion in the developed world), and that number, although high would be discounted because the majority have no interest in the collective.


Ok with those basics in place, at least for me, I want to explain simple why FS-GREEN is now creating more problems than it solves.



They were in such a big (political hurry) to solve it they didn’t run a systems dynamic model to realize that although 80% of the poor signed up, only 40% (high) of the middle class bought in and so while they claim that most are insured, it’s not the case that the largest group of healthy people are “misrepresented” in the payor pool.

The entire system will collapse with a few years as prices for healthcare must be borne by fewer and fewer healthy payors. Even though the healthy non-enrolled are fined, it’s not enough to make up for the gaps created–more problems created than solved!

I named this entire metasystem as EMERGENICS more than a decade ago and have used it to help me understand when the door of evolution is opening;)


Projection of their thoughts and feelings onto and into a basin of thinking that doesn’t mirror their core values.

For instance.

FS-GREEN behaviors threaten to ostracize you from “a ceptance” if you are not PC. Since FS-GREEN is in “power”–that which is conferred on the majority rather than indigent in values–you not being PC can take away all of the benefits you have if you’re singled out.

The mistake that you can see FS-GREEN making is scattered all over the world (as this is a globalist meme by classification…interestingly enough because it actually serves power, avoidance, and achievement so well!)…and that is to project itself and its values into areas where memetic evolution has not yet prepared the soil for FS-GREEN.

The Middle East won’t buy our PC, and can’t, most of Asia straps it on like a belt to be pulled in or let out but not to become part of the Green wardrobe!

Russia, while have deep values associated with quality of life emergent from an early green costume of Faux-Green scoffs at the nature of those pretending FS-GREEN holds their answers, and because of this we have actually LOST an opportunity to become allies with the Russians! So much for Resets!

The FS-GREEN is reminiscent of the meta problem in values and that is, individuals do not change their core values over time, but will morph them to become more fit in the memescape.

So our memescape is going to continue to evoke, our core values are NOT going to be left behind, only sophisticated in mostly lateral and some oblique complexity, while we continue to create more and more complex problems that can only be solved in pieces–that’s right, fractionalization!

Zika won’t be the only thing athletes take from RIO! A strain of SUPERBUGS is swimming around in the competitive waters that emerged from hospital waste being dumped into the water allowing “antibiotic-resistant” bacteria to emerge.

Everyone knows that “slick green” paid 400 million in ransom to those smart mulas, and the kidnapping of American Citizens will increase dramatically in the future as a result, just hide and watch.

So while all these PC-politically expedient solutions continue to feed into the problem stream, you can expect solution-resistant problems (SRP) to grow with density and frequency, as a contingency.

Now all memetic basins generate their own shares of SRPs but each unfolding of the new basin generates more complex problems!

The misunderstanding by most is to assume that each new emergence of a values basin solves anything other than yesterday’s problems! While bringing about tomorrow’s “complex” problems.

I’ve said for years we have to slow this down or we wil find ourselves in problems too big to solve, only creating the conditions where the problems will solve us!

You really have to be careful what you wish for…the problems that solve us, are emerging now with peak FS-GREEN.

Watch! (But hide;)



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