2020 September

Hard to write this one…

Watched the LION of the DESERT again and I’ve been feeling empathy? at least compassion to people for the past 20 years as a long drawn out coming to grips with oppression.

When the white fragility thing came to light it’s deeply concerning because—John help us find what the bible says—taking it farther than white…

It’s a part of a naturally nurtured system far beyond race—which making it about race—to genetics then…?

There is oppression in many forms, it’s hardly race-based at the core, it’s much more values founded which is emergent from motives which are genetic.

But like the Planck quote reminds us, once assumptions and beliefs form a mindset in a surround of values and principles then strategic direction is “confined” to that bounded rationale.

There is no question that people are oppressed and much of this stems from naturally-nurtured cause and effect so choosing to focus on race is a very bad choice.

On the other hand, pretending there isn’t oppression is an equally bad choice as well.

This presents an amazingly wicked problem whose symptoms are now emerging around the world to start a paradigm shift, if we are both fortunate and unfortunate:(

Who will be the most vulnerable in a paradigm shift of such a magnitude?

Of course the answer goes without saying and those are the oppressed themselves!

For things to be really different a white privileged focus is hardly a place to begin even if it has partial truth and we know it does.

However I suggest to you that the transition from where we are now to where this makes more sense doesn’t follow any of the current paths available, or plausible.

This makes the problem fold into itself making each recursion more costly to…the most vulnerable:(


2020 September

GT-Y: Intervention

As I think through a lot of the ideas
And try to look at application—remember if GTY holds true to SGD theory—which I have not fully made a commitment to—this system emerging (note: GTY is and has been present in individuals for…a long time, so to speak)…

Will be an express self system.

For all practical purposes this appears to be happening as we see individual activity right now emerging sans a metasystem which is linked through this emergence; yet.

The subject is intervention and my thought that a lot of these constructs like intervention, sensemaking even, performance, well-being will all start to look different in 2nd tier.


Knowing when and where and how much to intervene with who will look different at each values core.

If GTY is an express self system, the matrix would show it to be: to get later.

This does agree with the A’N’ Graves description but less so with integral—although I would concede that “integration, like intervention has that set of elements that will look a lot different across basins.

This “idea” is what makes 2nd Tier look a LOT different conceptually And does Give a lot of explanatory power to what’s happening now as the dominant system is: sacrifice of self to get now!


2020 September

Privilege Through Values?

I’m comfortable with these splinters in my mind;)


Well that’s for another day;)

Privilege is based on fitness, every dominant value system thus far have evoked privilege on the fit…regardless of anything else.

If you want a deeper level…trust and it’s quagmire.

If you want deeper…expectation.

Privilege is the outcome of expectation, at its roots.

The thing that keeps coming up for me is that our education system since the 60s…and 70s (Carter) has changed America…but with “power comes great responsibility” — uncle Ben to spiderman.

White privileged is just one of a 1000 or more privileges that extend from expectations.

Each core values atttactor has its own privilege:

AN-BEIGE – Survival
BO-PURPLE – Kinship
CPRED – Power
DQ-BLUE – Avoidance
ER-ORANGE – Achievement
FS-GREEN – Affiliation

Since there are so few, focusing on that middle group seems important and of course affords privilege.

There is no more widespread privilege than nepotism!

Why are there no riots?

It’s going on since man had woman and a baby!

This white privileged thing is completely blown out of proportion when u look at the 1000s of privileged grant min by min—all formed from expectation…and related to trust.

Is their white privileged? Of course, is it anymore important than the other 999?

Is there black privilege, of course!

And so on and so on.

You start playing a game that has at its core race…you’re playing a race game!

It will harm those it’s most likely designed to help and it is.

Fitness is not taught anymore, no boy in the 60s took home economics or typing…I did.

Of course there were no courses on white fragility.

Any selection criteria carries with it privilege to those who are most “expectantly” fit.

It’s pretty clear if you want to rewrite history that blacks were the first slave owners…it wasn’t a white idea…

as long as anyone invents a way forward, there are going to be rights abuses.

Which puts me back at the drawing board…

Because unless we want to just create another emergenics solution like “white fragility” which creates more problems than it solves for someone wanting to milk it for riches not humanity, then GT-Y has to motivate us to look beyond now.

As Graves indicated that GT-Y might be an express rather than sacrifice system to get later (my conjecture) we are looking at a different set of motivations.


2020 September


“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

A thought, observation, way of looking at the list below…

AN-BEIGE – Survival
BO-PURPLE – Kinship
CP-RED – Power
DQ-BLUE – Avoidance
ER-ORANGE – Achievement
FS-GREEN – Affiliation


One stage’s end, is the next one’s means. At BEIGE, the end is survival. For PURPLE, the end is kinship, the means is survival.  And so on through the list.  It’s an interesting exercise.

If the means of YELLOW is affiliation, what’s the end?  I think you’ve proposed contribution?  Affiliation as a means to contribution.  That could be seen as grouping in a manner that’s contributory to the larger whole.  Or something.

Food for thought.


Mike’s response:

Yes, I’ll plug that in;)

The thing is you have to be clear on what system of emergence you’re using because it works for SGD but not VD, as all the systems are present in each of us…around 40320 permutations with 8…but if you use density and frequency even with 3 states x 8 = 24! u end up with probability numbers that are off the charts… and can explain their being such small differences in large numbers although that quite possibly only 18! Active

A person is a composite of the system while having up to maybe 3 core systems reaching some dominance across domains…

Who was that trans personal psychology guy? Parent, Child…Adult type of system..?




2020 September Uncategorized

Michael Forest Reinoehl, Suspect in Portland Shooting, Is Killed by Officers – The New York Times

Sorry, couldn’t resist but look at the language…

“ An antifa supporter suspected in the killing of a right-wing activist in Portland, Ore., died when agents moved to arrest him, officials said.“

A “supporter was killed after killing a right-wing activist.”

While we don’t know the whole story, it doesn’t appear to have happened the way it’s been portrayed…

Anyone who is a TRUMP supporter or wears a MAGA hat, stands for the national anthem and says under god is NOW, a right-wing activist…

These people really know what they are doing but you have to wonder if they know what it’s going cause.

Intuitively the future I never wanted has manifest…how does this get better with widespread adoption of either or both of these beliefs?


2020 September

Something happening here…

For what it’s worth…

Song always rings in my mind.


The storm I’m in

quite a din

Clinging to myself

Grabbing for the shelf

Of memories, of thoughts

guess they’ve been bought?

Hard won,

hard earned

Now spurned

What to do, wtf

Makes me think

I’m no longer…

A duck


There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

There’s battle lines being drawn
Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

I think it’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

It’s time we stop, hey, what’s that sound
Everybody look what’s going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you’re always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away…

I was listening to THE DAUGHTER it triggered Shame and embarrassment (particularly triggered outcomes of CP-RED)

White fragility—a whole other thing—is sweeping the nation’s bureaucracy…where as a white person, I have Colombian and Chinese genes back 14-17 generations…

What does that make me?

Those parts of myself that are both oppressed and the oppressor-Nietzsche would game that I supposed—I’m not sure which is the “super” part of me!

Reflecting on my thoughts and feelings and writing them is easier said than done.

So the point?

Of writing…

There is no question that we are conjuring 2nd tier and emerging manifestations of what progression looks, feels and tastes like…

Working the past couple of years on those 1st and 2nd memes and trying to understand them we have entered an age of the “discounting Of fact-based truths…”

I tried to find the actual quote, when I find it I’ll post it…


FS-GREEN is now generating the problems that 1st can’t solve, and…

This brings with it extreme danger to social order, civility and the fraying fabric of society that we have known.

The only thing I can say is that it will be different going forward—in large part—because we don’t have to potential to deal with the VUCA tbat is expanding at a far greater rate than our capacity.

Imagine the broad array of responses that have the potential to change the landscape we thought we knew.

If there are 2nd tier solutions some of them contain as much danger as they do safety.

Sometimes people light fires because they can’t see the forest for the trees—others watching resemble the largest response to fear-threat-embarrassment—nimby (not in my back yard)…

I go back to the EDGE OF TOMORROW quote:




PS: while graves never mentioned it, he must have known that trying to drive a square peg into a round hole was going to do significant mental damage to a large number of people…

While everything mentally disordering is accelerating now, you haven’t seen anything yet.


2020 August

Critical Theory Explained

This is important and ties into the use of illogical reasoning which is now being used to thwart logic.

Because FEW people actually understand logic and how to arrive at; or even inquire about truth, very smart people (RFR uses this theory) actually know how to twist facts into conclusions with mostly true even if it means shaving the context or replacing it with their own.

You can find examples of this every minute of everyday by just listening to people relate their ideas, which we know are often ill-formed and repeated from who-saids who are valued and mostly confirm our biases.

Take this example:

“ On Aug. 15, 2017, President Donald Trump held a press conference to discuss an executive order he had signed on infrastructure permitting. Reporters shortly began asking questions about Trump’s initial response to violent protests in Charlottesville, Va.

It was at this press conference that Trump said that “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”

On April 25, 2019, former Vice President Joe Biden declared his 2020 candidacy for the Democratic nomination and the presidency by recalling the events in Charlottesville and Trump’s comments.

“With those words, the president of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it,” Biden said.”

But what was split off was the context of the remarks.

“ “But we’re closely following the terrible events unfolding in Charlottesville, Va.. We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. It’s been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. This has been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America. What is vital now is a swift restoration of law and order and the protection of innocent lives. No citizen should ever fear for their safety and security in our society. And no child should ever be afraid to go outside and play or be with their parents and have a good time.”

At another session Trump went on to explain.

“So you know what, it’s fine. You’re changing history. You’re changing culture. And you had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they should be condemned totally. But you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Okay? And the press has treated them absolutely unfairly.“

Whether you believe what Trump said was good or bad, his remarks have been taken out of context and then re-spliced back into dialogue.

For years I have tried to explain this mechanism because it’s use—everyday—is how we hybridise most of our memes for understanding…

I’m often reminded of this quote:

Ariel Durant — ‘The present is the past rolled up for action, and the past is the present unrolled for understanding.’

What Lindsey is talking about is this hybridisation mechanism I have shown for oblique development where we can strip out a meme usually out of the context it’s used and re-splice semantically meaningful chunks to create entirely different meaning and sometimes “new” meaning, which is what is being done in this theory.

TRUMP didn’t say what they said he said, but nonetheless the process was very effective (good or bad depends on your own values)…

But it is held as a truism…something that is not questioned by those who believe it and of course hate TRUMP for whatever reason…because it came from a who-said they do believe.

This mechanism has been in place since humans started developing but it’s now weaponised to serve as propaganda.

Remember the BEST propaganda is partly to mostly true…TRUMP did In fact say there were good people on both sides…but by removing the rest of what he said (disingenuously) the facts were weaponised.

The climate people have done this for years, I think I’ve shared Tony Heller’s video on exactly how they have taken facts/truths and hybridised them in ways that (disingenuously) have distorted the meaning.

Here’s one of the video’s:

Since I have a practical education rather than a liberal arts education I had to go back and research Orwell as Orwell’s quote intrigued me:

“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

As did this one:

In George Orwell’s “1984” he wrote that “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped.”

And this One is currently Referred to as Orwellian…

“The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” ― George Orwell

What’s happening today in our culture is the result of a Well-funded orchestration…perhaps flexible adaptive emergence which is being fed on the fly by people who have vested interests in outcomes of elections and more specifically this regressive (it would be their term as progressives) presidency of TRUMP.

The “array” of tactics that are being weaponised by all constituents are in fact breaking new ground and are worth watching and discussing as they are clearly the art of wars.

Both the reason for durability of and the maintenance of the FS-GREEN core is the set of simple ideas surrounding the “F” function, a “rational” decision-making function based on values which will defy logic among affiliative motivation which seeks “interdependence” to serve relationships.

The system is precariously able to interpret reality illogically and is most likely steeped in likability (PC-rooted), sameness (is not fairness Or DQ-BLUE equality which runs in ER-ORANGE as a utility Function) and perception—since perception is not the truth but reality—working through perception without having the constraint of logic (T-mbti), whatever works, is “fair”game through acceptance motivation…this is like the glue that allows the stickiness of crowds…because self-doubt is mostly assuaged through the safety of the group so belonging is closely threaded through the fabric of FS-GREEN.

Remember, there are those IN and those passing through because few can work among these cores for their own benefits, think of CP-RED and/ER-ORANGE as utilising FS-GREEN as stepping stones to more power, achievement, even “avoidance” note that a very large constituency of FS-GREEN now are those who are avoiding the fallout of not belonging—to get later.

So while each situation is more complex than the examples I’ve shown, VD, not ZD provides a lot of explanatory, predictive and problem-solving capability, if values are in play;)




2020 August

Football Question…Discomfort?

Somewhere I have notes John on why I was not a good triple option quarterback either in the wishbone or later the T-bone as Emory Bullard modifies it at TAMU.

I should have stayed in the “spread” offense which was a evolution of the I Offense, I was much better when I saw the whole field at once then sequencing the reads in the triple option.

I would have needed a lot more time in the offense and as it was I didn’t know enough to say no…and no one knew enough at that time to select qb’s based on “brain function” or biases.

Somewhere I wrote about this in detail but haven’t run across it to share.

In short, I am ENTP, to run that system well a person with ST functions with “S” dominant and probably extroverted although ISTJ could possibly be more well suited with “S” introverted dominance perhaps.

But a dominant intuitive is at a clear disadvantage because the appetite of perspective is naturally focused on breadth not depth and options not detail (follow procedures).

Having too much information rather than selective focus screws up the ability to sequence the reads although one can do it—because it’s not a preference it gets muddled in translation.

Earl Campbell’s little brother play outside linebacker in an 8 man front (4-4) not being the end, on a hard stunt with Doug English as the inside read can muddle any sane mind…I froze, I should have squatted and pitched the ball—had I done so, I would not have daily reminders of the fact that not doing so created 5 crushed lumbar vertebrate like it was yesterday instead of 50 years ago.

When you’re young you think you will live forever, when ur old, you wish you had taken better care of yourself.

The first read is a tackle picking up the fullback, the first option, the second read is the defensive end, or in the case of a linebacker stunting as the end man on the line of scrimmage going upfield u run, coming down hard on the qb, you squat (to lessen the damage;) and pitch…

In a stunt like the backer coming down and the technical end swinging outside (going up field) you have the perfect Defense called you stifle the triple option, if you pitch late (read late) you are 50-50 fumble because a halfback has to catch the ball while being hit by the end stunting outside;)

Best to eat the ball if u read late as the stunt is designed to cause you to do because the person who normally be the 3rd read is now the second and this is how and why the triple option was made extinct as the only thing you can do is throw the ball on an 8 man front unless you much bigger and can literally shove the ball down their throats u TIL they are forced out of the 8 man front…nether of which is likely anymore and then in college.

Our offensive line was bigger on average 10# than the Dallas cowboys in 1975, but we still couldn’t do it to Texas;)

And they lost because they couldn’t do it to us;) we held akins and Earl Campbell to low yards, but on the same situation in the first quarter I threw in tbat stunt to Richard Osborne for a TD…

Had Richard not dropped the pass the play before, I wouldn’t have daily reminders of his drop either;)

You know how an aluminium can gets squashed…I had an X-ray with all 5 lumbar vertebrate that looked like squashed beer cans…

Fortunately for me, I was young and healed fast and now validate that my genetics give me a very high pain threshold—which I thought everyone has—turns out it’s genetic and some have super sensitive pain thresholds.

Anyway John that’s the short answer.

This photo is me coming off the field after the hit…

I had shooting pains in my back and thank god they didn’t let me play again or I could have really been disabled, as it is just a daily reminder;)


I watched us lose to Arkansas on dec 6 or 7, Hooked up to a TENS unit laying flat in my bed, I didn’t even make the trip…the first time a game had been moved out of regular season for TV;), we were ranked #2 behind OSU before the loss.



PS: my parents drove from Nebraska carrying my favorite food from Taco Johns…which I promptly ate and went to the hospital the next day with dysentery;) until a day before the game, so no practice or looks at that stunt during the week;)


2020 August

If you have 40 min…Listen

The reason this is important is the number of perspectives that are introduced…in a way that’s helpful to those who don’t have as much information as they need to understand what’s really in play…

I was particular struck by thoughts that Barr triggered or stated:

“We have two ways of resolving issues in our system: discussion and voting…“

Left is now not representative of the liberal values that founded the country and…

Left no longer want discussion and compromise…

Left wants to tear down our society, and institutions…

To design their version of utopian life…where they control us in service if that design. (Notably similar to the super elite at the World Economic Forum.)
Left has created a “secular religion” that has become a “narrative”…

Left — as it has become — support antifa’s goal to create a global communist gov…but more specifically to end the TRUMP administration in any way possible…

Only a few who are truly revolutionary are scaffolded by those who are “cowards” and merely want to retain their political position.

He echoes my contention that things have radically changed in 30 years…that everything is being reduced to politics; as opposed to politics being a part of our lives.

His notation on narrative is pivotal because the idea being aligned with relativism which is running through the core of FS-GREEN as a conceptual system which is why “narrative” rather than “truth” is much more important—this is a profound realisation because what you have in this largest of the “dominant memetic cores” is the conceptual space that enables a broad set of hybrids to “live and thrive” within this system.

This is critically important because the conceptual slave which translates directly to “degrees of freedom” has contained within it a great amount of power and control that appeals across a broad spectrum of the memescape…

Which translates to broad appeal.

What’s most interesting is that had the left not been coopted by those whose narrative is “too far away” (a typical developmental error of “distance”); the left would have been able to easily overpower the right because of the degrees of freedom (DOF).

The right has failed to increase the DOF required for the broad need to create an umbrella that would gather more POV (pts of view); create a more robust heterarchy.

He mentions “rule of law” where the core attribute is that any rule is applied to everyone…

A second attribute is that the rule of law is not used for political means….

It’s very interesting to me that the left would attempt, along with the media to outright discredit someone who seems to be unassailable…

“…watchdogs of the system (media) became the attackdogs in the system…”

have a studied Ari Fleisher since he’s been press secretary because he is unflappable…Barr seems to be similar in that he’s not emotional even as he is attacked and belittled…

It’s a good interview to watch as Barr cites a lot of inflection points as opposed to just answering the questions…

“…the constitution doesn’t take a holidays…”

What I’m taking away is that people who value the law are now contrasted with those who value politics…

“Towards the end, he talks about “intellectual consistency” as being part of the “rule of law”…where he first describes that “decisions are being made impulsively without regard for what the decision means in other similar instances!”

What he describes is a shift in core values, or rather contrast the idea in Gravesisn language that is a notation for “time” as “…to get NOW” vs “…to get later.”

While this might seem trivial, it’s memetically defining in that the 4 systems which emerged from the original Graves primary research in the 50s and 60s: asking Students in his class to “define the personality of a mature adult”—using a juried panel which divided 60% of the descriptions into “4” groups largely represented by a matrix of: express self; to get now and later and sacrifice self; to get now and later.

It turns out that what Barr is describing is consistent with the emergence of FS-GREEN of “sacrifice self now to get now” system which is consistent (intellectually) with what we see happening and being documented as Barr points out Is beginning with political and judicial systems where decisions are being made “Impulsively without regard for “later.”

Because the other “…to get now“ system Is conceptually much smaller but with huge “opportunistic energy” available, that CP-RED (empire building) system energises its FS-GREEN partner’s “get now” approach; evident in how all of the destructive energy that can’t answer what will happen “later” as a result.

Because FS-GREEN has so much more conceptual space for the prior developed cores (CP-RED, DQ-BLUE, ER-ORANGE), the two “get later” systems actually thrive in the larger field of degrees of freedom.

FS-GREEN because it’s been co-opted by the radical left has now created an artificial barrier which is naturally Not present to the “get later” systems that have formed a powerful bond because of the presence of rule of law combined with the stewardship of capital—“To get later” both of which have shown to be formidable in construction of well-being.

I think watching Barr we see someone who thrives within the broad conceptual space of FS-GREEN and brings a necessary complement to the “get now” system.

Yet because of the nature of the twist of “politicising everything“ as THE system vs. politics is a part of a metasystem…the conceptual space is collapsing.

It was an interesting interview, start to finish.


2020 August


Fwd: Sacred Sites, Geomagnetic Hotspots, Wisdom Keepers, Homes of the Gods …

Reading through this invite I had an insight I wanted to share.

As context I’ve been provoked lately and want to surface as much as I can about what it would mean to give people tools for this “age.”


  1. Each situation calls for satisficement of the conditions enough such that what comes along with or after is an equilibrium of sorts with as large a number of degrees of freedom as possible without weighting or polarising the conditions in such a way as to preclude a direction.
  2. How one understands the situation in order to preserve these degrees of freedom seems as important as any action or no action.
  3. The way in which to bring about resources (attention, intention, alignment, capability and coaching) seems to be through a process of realising that particular values emerge as “best” in allowing the appropriate resources to be applied in sufficient density and frequency so as to preserve the degrees of freedom.
  4. Degrees of freedom seem to be critical in enabling innovation.
  5. Innovation seems to be critical to adaptiveness and fitness.
  6. Therefore that which is not precluded seems to allow that which might emerge.
  7. A personal approach, as an example might be understanding the value of each of our jungian functions: sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling and their combinations.
  8. Or the attractor basins of memetic such as CP-RED, DQ-BLUE, ER-ORANGE, FS-GREEN as an example.
  9. The conditions by which the situations emerge are through the filters of the observers and thus most will be subject to, rather objective with the situations.
  10. It is the objectivity in both the personal and collective frame which seems to denote a proclivity to step back personally and observe the filtering as much as the filters and in doing so, create subtle approaches that allow discernment of the filters, the filtering, the density and frequency of both the problem and the solution which creates a different kind of approach.
  11. This approach may seem natural but it won’t be for most, although to varying extents it could be learned and practiced.
  12. The goals of an approach like this have at their unseen roots a requirement to shift the ego position through moral perspective that would begin to disentangle values, valuing from what is right as right and wrong are perspectival and it’s only the examination of the degrees of freedom that would guide the problem ID and solution Process because what produces the equilibrium where the largest degrees of freedom exist would have elements that could be judged paradoxically: right and wrong for a variety of perspectives.
  13. Personally, we would want to examine—through whatever lens—our own functioning displayed and become aware of the subjectivity that guided our actions and to collectively view each as unique with corresponding talents.

Just some thoughts,