2015 December

Another rant…

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

You make many great points Mike and I agree with all of them.  The one concern I would have is, will we as a nation step up and control/keep in check the people who put these ideas [building the wall, for example] so that they with their expanded power/authority, will not take advantage of the situation and extend their power to other areas.

There is a section in our constitution that allows the states to have more control over the federal government through the Convention of the States.  Currently there is a group attempting to  convene such a convention and it is being thwarted at every step.  If the citizens are not willing to exercise their right as “free” people, then restricting our freedoms now to make a better future will not work.

One of my pet peeves is the TSA and its supposed security.  Is/was it designed to help protect and keep us safe or was it designed to control us?

PS: I thought this had been sent and since it hasn’t I will add another of my pet peeves – the media.  At one point in our history the news media actually reported mostly unbiased news based on the facts as the reporter saw/found them.

Today the reporting seems to be written to gain readership and not to report the news in as unbiased fashion as possible.  I seldom read or listen to newspaper gossip [the so called “news of current events”].  However, I do find it amusing/interesting to read the comments of people responding to those stories.

Mike’s response:

Here’s something that people who don’t/aren’t interested in studying SGD don’t realize.

As basins expand with density and frequency, they become more complex in all directions.

So a more complex version of DQ-BLUE…even led by red (trump is more blue)…would be able to eliminate much of the low density blue problems of bureaucracy etc.

The question comes down to this, do u err on the side of freedom and throw everything into chaos, opportunism and graft, or do you go back to blue and rebuild it from there….

I promise u what allowed students to ride around with loaded rifles and pistols in their pickup trucks was not emergent from too much freedom, it was a norm established in blue.

There was no lack of respect for authority until the 60s, no matter how stupid the “cops” were.

The MORE PEOPLE YOU HAVE, the tighter and denser you must build blue.

3 CHP patrol 800 miles of CA interstate…that’s not due to freedom, that’s due to a strong cultural fabric of respect.

People today have NOT GROWN VERTICALLY enough for the freedom that has emerged…we haven’t earned the freedom that has emerged from strong blue density and frequency.

Those of you who want more personal freedom base on your respect for authority, not as the youth are today who have been reared at FS-GREEN, where respect for authority is “relative.”

We have chaos coming, and it is not because of freedoms emergent from DQ-BLUE, but the unearned freedoms bestowed by others and a society, while imperfect, respects its leaders.

But that’s just my opinion, what do I know, I’m just a redass;)


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Mike, in reading what you just wrote gave me an idea [yes it did feel a bit strange and tingly…] What if we offered as a bonus for early sign-ups, a short course on understanding SGD, maybe even get one of our Inner Circle members to present it, or someone who knows it well?

Gary Gile

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