2015 June

AI not replacing, but augmenting, empowering humans | KurzweilAI

“Humanity will change more in the next 20 years than in the previous 300 years, he said.”

This is the kicker:


As I’ve ranted previously, accelerating complexity (AC) is not something most will be happy living with…leaving us with “dimensional” fractionalization” and that is going to be the greatest source of conflict as “values” attempt to scale the cliff of AC.


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Farther down the article:

““We are going to directly merge with it. We are going to become AI,” he said. Current exponential growth of computing will continue until human level intelligence is achieved around year 2029.”

Now this is armstrong’s ECM…

So the trough/peak is inline with kurzweil’s prognostication, but there is a major decline called for…

In my view, this could be associated with post machine enlightenment (PME) and be the signal that the paradigm which is gaining maturity now has run out of gas, so PME brings about a severe recalibration of the human world?

My ONLY worry aside from not being around to know if this thinking is correct is what triggers social order breakdown…and how far it goes to separate the haves and havenots…

It’s become exceedingly desirable to consider an Elysium–bye the way, which anyone of means is already constructing as a probable future!


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