2020 October


“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

I’m also finding it useful to become more aware of what the Black disfranchisement, disqualification and exclusion are.  There is a lot of misdiagnosis going on, a lot of minority being experienced as oppressed minority, a lot of systemic poverty experienced as systemic racism.  But if I was told I’m about to be born in the US (or Canada) and have the choice of being born Black or White, I’d sure go for White.


Mike’s response:

For me this may be the wrong argument.

Would you choose to be poor white? Hispanic, Asian, Rohinga?

There is no choice about this, it’s ground into life and bounded rationality is never true.

How about black in Africa or black in America?

We can enter these circular references until the cows come home or to continue to manage the equality and equity better…why limit it to race?

I think the current and past social policy have not been as efficacious as they could be.

Our current social scientists are failing us in this as other things…but it is a social experiment.

Race has become a political pawn.

What about any color with IQ 135, or White with IQ 93?

If they can keep ACB out of the Supreme Court by calling her racist, they are and will…

The real challenge in our country is stopping or countering—not racism—but this vile identity progressivism.

It’s a much more serious problem one…if they keep it up, one that will make racism look pale in comparison, IMHO.