2015 December

95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue –

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”

I read this yesterday and some of the comments.  I also filled my head with Trump-related discussions on the Scott Adams blog (  Now, this morning, I come across this piece ( that I’ve only skimmed enough to see more reference to this narrative about “the rise of the demagogues.”   Or neo-demogogues, whatever that means.

One thing that struck me about the NYT piece is how it’s an influence piece dressed up as an informative piece.  It’s effectiveness is reflected in the comments when people ‘independently’ come to ‘conclusions’ by re-stating the narrative set by the author.  Demagoguery!  It will be the end of us!  Which brings me to another trending term, “outragism”.

I have zero opinion about who should be elected to the role of POTUS, or, at least, I don’t have enough of an opinion to notice what it is.  I am intrigued by the conflict between the influence tactics that Donald Trump employs (which work, duh) and the fear-oriented reactivity of intellectual elites that the publics are making irrational decisions based on emotion.  Surprise!  There’s a power struggle that seems, to me, based on the information I’m exposing myself to, growing more explicit.   This struggle is between a push to global, centralized control with the sheen of egalitarianism and the desire to stick with the group we can identify with comfortably.  The current US presidential election cycle is shining a light on this. Trump, in particular, seems to tap into the rugged, individualistic, pull-up-by-the-bootstraps sentiment that appeals many in the US.  It represents opportunity and hope and a clear sense of who we are and who we aren’t.  Who gives a crap whether Trump is an example of bootstrapped success or not.  That’s not the point.

Any agenda, with any momentum, taps into the irrational, emotional elements of human nature.  It’s easy to be ‘outraged’ by the tactics when a bunch of people are coming to the “wrong conclusion” by one’s own estimation.  Strangely true is that it can be quite logical to be outraged by blocks to one’s agenda.  What’s logical is emotion.  What’s emotional is logic.

Alicia Parr

Mike’s response:

SGD might say, who is at the right level to deal with the problems we have and will have with global depression, an eminent war cycle and  CP-RED riding the naïveté and blind followership of BO purple?




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Commenting on my own note.

Churchill was a demagogue and so is everyone who says I am the one to lead you now…

But like all things, demagogue as most who mean it is pejorative in this PC world.

Labeling someone as such because they have the “balls” to say (sexist I know;) “stop the presses” is the PC method coming “straight” out of RfR!


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