2015 January

Transition and the Red Sports Car

“I just received the following note from one of our Inner Circle members.  Below the note is my response.”



Hi Mike,

Did some vivid dreaming last night.  Part of the dream was driving a powerful, red convertible sports car.  I had the sense that the car was new to me…yet definitely mine to drive (not borrowed).  The engine is so powerful that I was having a hard time gauging how much pressure to put on the gas pedal to move forward without running off the road (which happened to be very curvy- hairpin turns).  I had the distinct sense that I was trying to get used to the new vehicle and that I had to learn how to drive it on technical roadways before I’d be free to open it up on a straightaway.  It was a little scary, the power of the vehicle, but energizing that I was able to drive it at all.  My sense is that the car represents emotions and/or intuitions, or something along those lines.  I set an intention a few years ago to come back to practicing and developing my intuition, which I haven’t explicitly focused on since my mid 20’s, because it felt necessary to focus on building ‘success’ in the outer world.  Build a stable platform.  This is my meaning making of what I am and have experienced.

As I reflected on this dream this morning, I recalled your comment about transition.  Hence this email.  There was a lot more symbolism in the dream — too much to describe it all.

Back to the transition comment, which I valued in part because it prompted me to think through what you said (sometimes/absolute) language and why that could signal transition.  What else are you reading there that might be helpful for me now?

This sports car is powerful.  Hard to handle, but not beyond my ability to get the hang of it.  That’s the tone of the dream.

Grateful for anything you can share that would be helpful,

Alicia Parr



The ONE thing that sticks out is that I believe you are an INTJ?

IF, that is the case, then your dominant introverted intuition is what is in play and thus through a dream (inner world action) would see an appropriate vehicle, although waking into the dream in order to remember it, seems interesting as well…

I’m not a dream interpreter, but I do notice my own dreams as well…

For me, I first thought of the sports car as being a revelation of capability and the repression perhaps of your capability as it is, versus how you might see it, or others might see it…

The hairpin turns obviously (to me) evidence the difficulty in navigating that capability demands and how it will be seen in relation to the outer world and those around you…

lots of fun stuff, but the metavehicle is worth noticing and that is you don’t have to develop your intuition…it’s developing you;)



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Thank you.

yes, INTJ. I discovered my type in late high school when reading Please Understand Me. Revelatory.

Appreciate what you say about my intuition developing me, rather than me developing it. 🙂

It’s not unusual to wake up remembering parts of my dream, although it can whisper away quickly if I don’t attend to it. I often wake up with the refrain of some song running in my head, although not this particular morning. My intuition offers many ‘gifts’ that are hard to explain.

Anyway, about repression. I’ve had to hide who I am from most people for a long time. A matter of survival. It’s so habitual that I often hide what I notice from myself…let it slide from consciousness…then later see things play out in a predictable way that I forgot I saw coming. Trying to learn how to hold in consciousness what I notice without it whispering away like an un-contemplated dream AND without getting trapped in the hubris of thinking I can see clearly past my personal blinders. I can probably see most clearly when I’m fearlessly aware that I’m utterly foolish. Tall order, that.

The atFLOW group regularly reminds me I’m a fool. Thank goodness.

Alicia Parr

Ok, now here’s a tip

You need to video yourself once you do, u will see why hiding has been subconscious


I’ve actually seen myself on video many times. A side benefit of video conference modality for meetings with remote colleagues.

Over the past several days, I’ve reflected on what I’ve seen in those videos that has been surprising. I’d say more dominance, poise, and expressiveness than I expected. When I disagree, it’s obvious. I also asked my husband what he thought you were prompting me to notice. He reminded me of what he sees when I enter a space– that I own it. My physicality presumes a position of dominance. No surprise if you see my Human Patterns assessment results (attached). The numbers are standard deviations. The proactive & reactive columns related to relaxed preferences (proactive) vs under load (reactive). In short, my natural posture is 3.x standard deviations more dominant than others, which is 99.9 percentile. Give or take.

One gap in my data– I don’t necessarily remember to watch myself if I’m under load, or when my internal process is running the panicky feeling “who do you think you are having such hubris what if you’re wrong” app. Probably projecting mixed signals under those conditions.

I’m a tough pill to swallow for some people. I know that. My son – bless his heart- is probably worse with a combination of my husband’s and mine worst/best traits. 😉

Back to the Human Patterns stuff. Guidance for folks is that plus/minus 1 SD is noticable preference but fairly easy to monitor and adapt, ~2 SD clear preference that can be tenuated but still likely visible, 3+ SD is compulsive and expectations to NOT BE that are unhelpful and unhealthy. Another bit of guidance is that no preference is inherently good or bad– it’s about fit for the situation, or, said another way, it’s about life design.

I have no idea if I’m anywhere near on the track you intended to prompt. I’ll continue to try to notice how I’m present.


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