2018 August

It takes freedom for disintegration…VD

Fascinated with my own words;)

Here’s my continuation of the monologue;)

What if the values at GT-YELLOW are cored around “disintegration” rather than integration…?

Integration is at the core of FS-GREEN.

With disintegration as the core of GT-YELLOW, it fits with the pendulum swing from communion (integral) to agency (disintegral).

The reason this is key is to realize the problems of too much personal freedom for n=1, FS-GREEN, creates the need to solve problems @VUCA which can’t be solved at FS-GREEN, or @BS.

Integrity returns to the model of GRAVES emergent bio-psycho-social with disintegration being the core at GT-YELLOW, IMHO.

Even the individual problems one has with freedom become the fodder at GT-YELLOW.

Thus as I’ve postulated for the past 15 years, collaboration is the core motive at GT-YELLOW, which requires increased assertiveness on par with cooperation. (TKI matrix)

While our president continues to make messes that will turn up even the toughest noses, what his disintegrating strategies are forcing is the undoing of FS-GREENs integral solutions…be it trade, immigration, courts, NATO, climate change, regulation, or social justice…it’s a disintegrating strategy that defines the only way out, as collaboration, not cooperation.

By starting to unbraid the USA from the integral strategies of FS-GREEN, the fallout is creating huge headwinds as the old paradigm is being ripped apart at the seams.

[Remember, GRAVES said FS-GREEN would be a short-lived (dominant) system.]

Whether this is a good thing or not depends on your values position and your perspective.

EVERY solution has unintended effects and any solution that emerges won’t escape that gravity either, but the approach is now unraveling as disintegration, intended or not.

I go back to the ideas of 4 on 4, rather than 6 on 6, for reasons I’ve specified ad nauseam over time and if you look at beige-yellow, you can’t see global survival as an issue in my view, but what you do see is red-yellow bedfellows emerging from what most feel is at best Ill-fated strategies and at worst, idiots@work.

Precisely the reason that it may be counter intuitive even though it stinks to high heaven.

Now just because something is counter intuitive doesn’t mean it’s good, but when most people think it’s bad, then more than likely, it’s what’s next.

One of the keys is that this is a game changer, one that has been played by major and minor partners to our deficit*…literally speaking.

Now what’s coming is not pretty, and may be as hard on US as it is on them but more than likely, the risk is mostly on them—for once.

Yet, it’s a strategic reset of a magnitude which will shake all of this current paradigms pillars and its being brought about by an “agent” of GT-YELLOW dresses up as we would see as an opportunist—the perfect fit and precursor in the chord between CP-RED —> GT-YELLOW.

The disruption in the force of integration will break the world order fashioned through FS-GREEN, and what will emerge will be the assimilation if HU-TURQUOISE which has yet to produce a core attractor known to the masses in a form that will reemerge.

The dogmas point to the resolution of the anti-Christ, which before this term is over will emerge as an adjective for DJT;)

So while global Armageddon takes a form most of us only know parts of…waiting in the wings are the next Jesus, Mohamned, Buddha, Dahli Lama, Confucious who arose in HU-TURQUOISE to begin to draw the stitches that had to burst to allow the social infection to metastasize;)

Need some irony to grease the wheels of progress;)

I don’t want to make light of what you should prepare for depending where you sit on the continuum of don’t give a s*** to terrified, but things are going to be different—as some say—what got us here, ain’t going to help us much because the amount of unlearning that needs to occur is likely to follow schumpeters creative destruction model, as much as anything else.

TRUMP is here for the inflection point, the tipping point has already done its work and we won’t know it until we see it in the rear view mirror, much like the seeming insignificance of the archduke;)

Whether TRUMP is a good thing or a bad thing will only be determined from a historical perspective and it’s the winners who always write history.

The Chinese curse is among us and we have interesting times;)

*Deficits run by US have provided/caused the world to be flush with dollars by which they have through credit intermediation expanded their own economies. The disruption occurring right now has FAR greater implications globally than almost anyone can understand and thus the complexities are at levels more hierarchically complex than almost anyone can work.

As we seek to reduce deficits to keep our own economy from cratering, we will in fact crater the rest of the world…clearly a disintegration of the simple on the other side of complexity order, which pits the world into a major set of broadly occurring confrontations..,all of which will be blamed on the disrupter.